Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something Old, Something New...

One of my favorite "tasks" throughout my wedding planning journey was collecting my items for the age old wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I'm a sucker for tradition and an even larger sucker for collecting. I love the hunt and I'm a lover of items that have a story or history. For instance, I'd much rather find a piece of furniture for my home that was once well loved by someone or a family, and holds the promise of the same for my home and family, rather then something brand new and shiny. I love holding something in my head and daydreaming about who has held it before me. Even my husband can attest to the fact that I am ALWAYS trying to figure people and their stories out when we're out and about together, probably to a fault at times.

So with my passion for planning, coupled with my love for collecting things of meaning, I gladly began my hunt for my old, new, borrowed, and blue. And thanks to a few special people in my life, I had a lovely and completed collection at hand on June 1st with the following treasures:

Old-Part 1- When I was still in high school my mom gave me my Great Grandma Christian's hanky and pearls to tuck away for my special. How I did not misplace these delicate pieces over years of moving and migrating is a small miracle! It was awesome, years after she's left us and years after my mom entrusted with me this gift, to finally pull them out and wrap the hanky around my bouquet in case of happy tears.

Old- Part 2- 14 years ago, when Tim and I were 19 and dating in college, he gave me a gold and ruby "promise ring" at Christmas and I just knew we'd make it through the long distance challenge and have our happy ever after. Although distance does make the heart grow fonder, time and circumstance put our promise on hold for awhile. I never got rid of the ring, because I still loved what it stood for over the years, and on our wedding day, I was thrilled to be able to wear it again as we stood at the alter hand in hand. It seems our man kept his promise after all!

New- Although this one might not be as exciting since technically 90% of brides wear a new wedding gown on their big day, for me my new gown was all I needed to complete this collection. Tim had said over the years that when he pictured his wedding day, he always pictured me coming down the aisle, regardless of whether or not we were even dating at the time. Therefore I knew I wanted my something new to be the new dress on the person he had held out hope for for so long.

Something Borrowed- My something borrowed came about unexpectedly when my Grandma Meyers asked if I'd be interested in wearing her garter. Of course!! I graciously and excitedly accepted this offer, and her garter was perfect, dainty, an antique blue, with cream lace and pearl finishes and I loved slipping it on that day. And although we didn't do a big garter reveal or toss, I loved knowing it was there all day.

Something Blue- I've shared the story about my something blue item here, and although I knew my blue would be a great reminder of my Grandpa Howard that day, I absolutely love my pictures with his blue heart tucked into my white dress. Especially a sweet picture, which was a candid moment, when the sun is perfectly shining through my many, many white layers of tulle and ever so faintly, you can see his heart outline shine through. Shine on, Grandpa.

Why am I telling you this when the tradition has been met? Well, because I've decided that I'd like to keep it alive and well as a household rule now and wherever we may roam and put down roots in the future. I want each of my homes to have the tradition of old, new, borrowed, and blue. With my love of histories and stories, I'm not interested in letting this tradition die. Our homes will have a story to tell and I want it to be one that cherishes the old along with the new, and always welcomes borrowed treasures along the way!

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's official. I'm a Freiberg.

It's been almost 3 months since we said I do. The flowers and cake are long gone. The move has been made. Thank you notes have been written tackled slowly due to circumstance (please forgive me, I'm embarrassed beyond measure). Lives have been merged. Last names have remained the same. Until this past weekend.

After 3 attempts at the local DMV, I am successfully a Freiberg. And if I'm 100% transparent with you, my hands were a hot, sweaty mess each and every time I attempted what seemed to be the impossible task. Part of my nervousness grew out of the fact that I kept getting it wrong. I'd go to the wrong location or I'd bring the wrong documents even though I had called ahead, thus feeling like I was set up for failure.

However the biggest gut checker was simply changing my name. I love my husband with all of my heart, please hear that loud and clear. I am so proud to join his family and gain sisters, a mother and father in law, etc... It's just that I also love being a Meyers. For 33 years, that is all I've known. To me, being a Meyers means so much more than the word you use to hold a reservation or what's monogrammed on your pillow case. It means being a hard worker, giving up what you might like to have so your kids can follow their dreams, getting a strong education, being whatever you want to be and are willing to strive for, being generous without always asking why or what's in it for me. It means spending time with family who are also friends, it means being the kind of woman who has 2 heart attacks in a few month span and still cooks for everyone while also volunteering weekly and still scrubbing your floor on your hands and knees. It means moving to China, or to the East Coast to sink or swim on your own, and it means always passing dinner dishes clockwise, and playing Spoons until it hurts.

As I handed over my South Carolina drivers license for the last time, I thought I might cry. It felt so final. So sudden (apparently almost 3 months is not enough time for me). So life altering. And although I knew it didn't mean that I never lived anywhere but Rockford, IL, it certainly felt like it in that moment. I hated that a random man behind a counter could just take away my SC license. My proof that I had, in fact, moved away on my own and created a life elsewhere.

With a few days behind the name change now, and my sweaty palms almost completely dry, I am realizing that I still get to be all of those things that Meyers means. I still am a Meyers in my flesh and bones, BUT now I get to grow to also encompass what being a Freiberg means. And although I have a lot to learn, I can already tell that being a Freiberg means also getting a strong education, being what you aspire to be with a team of family cheerleaders behind you, loving and making family a priority regardless of distance, sharing laughs and rhubarb slushes on a summer night, watching little people with big personalities grow before your very eyes, Freibergapaloozas, and taking countless pictures to capture perfect memories.

I still have a lot to learn about this marriage thing, but I'm dedicated to taking it one day at a time and facing our new journey together with the confidence of a Meyers Freiberg. And that, my friends, is double whammy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 Cheers For...

  • Fire engine red Essie nail polish
  • Getting to have lunch with my husband and pup every single day (and wanting to do so)
  • Searching for my first SUV. I can almost smell that new car smell!
  • Being here to attend my Grandpa's Birthday dinner after years of missing these
  • Seeing a woman with a SC flag tervis tumbler in my new employee orientation this week! Instant smile on my face.
  • The Bachelor Pad, our guilty pleasure
  • Waiting patiently for turkeys to cross the street regularly. Seeing them in my neighborhood has yet to get old.
  • Cooking new, healthy and yet still tasty meals
  • Ikea being within driving distance
  • Knowing I'll be in Charleston in almost 2 weeks!!
  • Our Freiberg Mystery Date Night this Saturday!
  • 30 hr work weeks
  • Finally getting our ceiling repaired
  • This amazing song on repeat by the amazing Jason Mraz
  • Rainy days with the office windows open
  • Blogging again
What are you "cheers'ing" to these days??

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friends With Babies

We are officially crossing over into to uncharted waters this fall.  When you hear or say the term "friends with babies" way more in your daily life than you do the term "friends with benefits", you know that you have officially been welcomed into adulthood. 

I've taken baby steps (no pun intended) into this hood of adultness for some time now when I saved money for a washer and dryer versus a spring break cruise with the girls, or signed my life away on my first home versus signing those student loan forms that you'd typically spend 60% on an education and the remaining 40% on cute clothes to wear to a fraternity party or sorority rush event (just kidding mom and dad; it all went to library book rentals and No. 2 pencils. Every last penny).  But this next welcome into the grown up world is totally different. Our friends are having kids. Actual babies that look like their parents, aka my friends. At social gatherings, I'm actually holding and cooing over these little, delicate mini-me versions of people who I've seen shot-gun drinks, or tear it up on a dance floor for hours in Daytona, etc... It's nuts and fascinating all at the same time.

And right now within our circle of friends, I think the people who are either pregnant or working on starting a family, outweigh those that aren't. Crazy town y'all. I mean what I'm about to say in the cutest most sincere way possible, I swear, but it's almost like a Gremlin version of the friend crowd that I'm so accustom too. We are a multiplying at record speed folks! And with these lovely ladies you are allowed, encouraged and demanded to feed, so please do so lovingly. All the time. Regardless of whether or not it's past midnight. Not sure about the "don't get them wet" part though. Maybe check the handbook on this one. It's still a little foreign to me as I'm one of the minority who is sitting comfortably at newly married, let's take this show one step at a time and no one will get hurt deal.

As we grow in number, I'm so excited to get to know the new little additions and even more excited to share stories about their mommas and daddies with them some day. Age appropriate stories of course. They're going to love learning who their folks are and were, because let's face it, they're some pretty awesome people. Just as I know there kiddos will be as well. How could they not be?

And for those who I have yet to meet, I cannot wait to see their precious and perfect little faces soon. I have some beautiful friends who then married beautiful people and that can only mean beautiful babies. Getting to see a baby's face for the first time is real life magic. I cannot wait.

For what it's worth, I always thought "friends with benefits" was creepy anyway, so "friends with babies" seems to roll of the tongue a lot better and with a lot more charm. Plus it usually follows with an "awwwwwwww, you're the cutest thing everrrrrrrrr! Yes, you are. Yes, you are". Which you simply cannot say without a smile. Happy sigh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Ms. Freiberg Manor

Ms. Freiberg Manor was born in 1935, so as you may guess, after 77 years she's a little tired and frazzled around the edges, but holds a lot of potential and her charm still stands strong.

I wish our walls could talk. Literally. I want to know what stories she holds and what secrets she keeps locked in those walls. Whose come before us over the last 77 years? We do know she was built by the founder of Rockford Country Club and a large bank here in town, and apparently she was a sight in her prime entertaining many of Rockford's finest.

We have lots of lovely plans for decor, a few paint style face lifts, luscious new flooring, and landscaping. However, with other important repairs keeping us at a standstill right now, I figured now is as good a time as any to introduce you to the Manor as is. Ugly, out dated curtains and all.
No worries, I'm determined that she'll become a beauty once again.

I love the large circular drive and the wooded area surrounding our home. Before- Driveway to be repaved and exterior painted.

 Living Room, 1 of 3 fireplaces in the home. Before- New paint, carpet, ceiling and lighting to come.

View from the living room.

Den. Before- Will be repainted, with new curtains to come as well.

Dining area. Before- Clearly we need furniture and new lighting.

 Guest Bedroom #1. Before- Has been repainted and needs new flooring. Basketball and flag pillow, adios!

More pics to come, once we remove massive amounts of boxes!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wisconsin State Fair 2012

I thought I'd share a quick photo tutorial of my first trip to the Wisconsin State Fair, or any state fair for that matter.

I think a recent t-shirt that I saw online sumps up the day quite nicely..."I went to the State Fair and all I got was Type-II Diabetes." Sad, yet still delicious!

Only 363 days until we can return!!

Who knew you could drink at the fair?! Spotted Cow beer; deliciousness only sold in Wisconsin.

Sky cabs as far as the eye could see.

We know our cheese in the Midwest and I still can't get enough of the Wisconsin dairy just across the border!

Cheesecake on a stick, why, that just sounds lovely!

And for a slightly healtier option, Max opted for the frozen banana on a stick.

Uncle Timmy and Max cruise down the jumbo slide. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

However, the jumbo slide is not for everyone. No worries, large quantities of yummy popcorn dry tears quickly.

Caution, swings appear closer to the ground than you think. These delightfully deceiving swings had me sucking wind for 3 minutes straight. I prefer to see the entire state of Wisconsin via map. Not via swings with only a tiny little safety bar at my waist.

The Bow Wow Stage Coach store my heart. 

And last but certainly not least, MILK. Flavored, Wisconsin milk for only a $0.25 a glass. Ice cold and delicious. We certainly don't have that in SC! We better try them all, husband.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"The Kitchen's Done."

Before we begin replacing ceilings, some portions of the wall, etc...this week, I thought this clip sums up some of the scenes we've had in our newlywed home over the last 1.5 months. Granted, nothing's fallen through the floor yet, but then again, it's only Wednesday!

We can laugh or cry, and quite frankly, I'm tired of doing the later so this little clip makes me belly laugh. We can so relate~ sort of

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooking For 2

My transition from single hood and living on my own at 33 has been both a challenge and a blessed adventure. I'll dig deeper into the transition in later posts, but today we're talking about the dining transition. And while I could write a whole post on dining out as a married couple (see note below), today I'm brain swirling on cooking and dining in with my man.

*Single ladies, please take note that dining out after marriage will no longer result in delicious and often treasured leftovers. Long gone are the days of anxiously awaited lunches after a fabulous first round meal at your fave restaurant. Love makes you do CRAZY things, like move 1,000 miles away from saltwater, and it will also cause you to "share" (or begrudgingly give away) what's left on your plate. Such a very sad thing to learn as a newlywed. Thankfully, I have a crush on my hubby, so I'm willing to learn to share with a smile and not a tear.

For me as a single, cooking dinner was out of obligation. I had to eat, and after working a full time job, then coaching for 1.5 to 2 hours, followed by a 20-30 minute commute home, cooking a meal was the last thing I wanted to do. The very last. Coming home to a prepared meal by my amazing roommate compared to winning a small lottery, I kid you not. And as a result of my lack luster cooking momentum, what I prepared was about 75% processed. I'm not proud, but I'm not going to lie either. How I am still as small as I am is a God thing, because this gal should be about 350 lbs due to my eating habits.

Fast forward to married life and having another hungry mouth to feed again ='s a challenge and new adventure. Although I don't care as much about what I put in my mouth, I do care about feeding the man I love healthy, yet tasty dishes. And as a result, we've gone to about 15% processed in our meals and I love it!

Our produce bowl on the counter is literally overflowing with beautiful treats and our dinners are way more fun to prepare. Thanks to fellow bloggers, I've been able to find cool new recipes to try. Granted, there are WAY more dishes to wash, but in our house we have a rule "If I cook, you clean. Duh."

I love my husband and therefore I'd like to keep him around for a LONG time with a healthy heart. And if he can bear with me through the bumps on learning a new kitchen layout (*again, harder than you think it'd be after years of living solo in my this is how I like my kitchen days), we'll be cooking ourselves off into the sunset throughout this first year together!

Want a change, check out this awesome blog . It's changes my life one meal at a time!