Monday, August 20, 2012

Friends With Babies

We are officially crossing over into to uncharted waters this fall.  When you hear or say the term "friends with babies" way more in your daily life than you do the term "friends with benefits", you know that you have officially been welcomed into adulthood. 

I've taken baby steps (no pun intended) into this hood of adultness for some time now when I saved money for a washer and dryer versus a spring break cruise with the girls, or signed my life away on my first home versus signing those student loan forms that you'd typically spend 60% on an education and the remaining 40% on cute clothes to wear to a fraternity party or sorority rush event (just kidding mom and dad; it all went to library book rentals and No. 2 pencils. Every last penny).  But this next welcome into the grown up world is totally different. Our friends are having kids. Actual babies that look like their parents, aka my friends. At social gatherings, I'm actually holding and cooing over these little, delicate mini-me versions of people who I've seen shot-gun drinks, or tear it up on a dance floor for hours in Daytona, etc... It's nuts and fascinating all at the same time.

And right now within our circle of friends, I think the people who are either pregnant or working on starting a family, outweigh those that aren't. Crazy town y'all. I mean what I'm about to say in the cutest most sincere way possible, I swear, but it's almost like a Gremlin version of the friend crowd that I'm so accustom too. We are a multiplying at record speed folks! And with these lovely ladies you are allowed, encouraged and demanded to feed, so please do so lovingly. All the time. Regardless of whether or not it's past midnight. Not sure about the "don't get them wet" part though. Maybe check the handbook on this one. It's still a little foreign to me as I'm one of the minority who is sitting comfortably at newly married, let's take this show one step at a time and no one will get hurt deal.

As we grow in number, I'm so excited to get to know the new little additions and even more excited to share stories about their mommas and daddies with them some day. Age appropriate stories of course. They're going to love learning who their folks are and were, because let's face it, they're some pretty awesome people. Just as I know there kiddos will be as well. How could they not be?

And for those who I have yet to meet, I cannot wait to see their precious and perfect little faces soon. I have some beautiful friends who then married beautiful people and that can only mean beautiful babies. Getting to see a baby's face for the first time is real life magic. I cannot wait.

For what it's worth, I always thought "friends with benefits" was creepy anyway, so "friends with babies" seems to roll of the tongue a lot better and with a lot more charm. Plus it usually follows with an "awwwwwwww, you're the cutest thing everrrrrrrrr! Yes, you are. Yes, you are". Which you simply cannot say without a smile. Happy sigh.


TracyE said...

Once again, another great post! Although, i am ready for YOU to start popping out some kiddos! :)

hmgarver421 said...

Oh how things change!! xoxo

BrittM said...

Oh T, those days will come, but if we had kiddos now, I'm afraid they'd get lost in a box or two in the house! We'll get there. Piggy is good with being our first for the time being:)