Friday, October 30, 2015

Boo, Y'all!

It's been way too long and I promise to be much better about my radio silence as we move forward, my friends! The last few months were a whirlwind and time was of the essence on almost everything in my life, or so it seemed, which meant no blogging for this momma.

But, things are a slowin' down, so I'm bbbbaaaacccckkkkkkk.

And because it's the Eve of Halloween, I thought I'd break the silence with a little walk down memory lane of Halloween's past. Enjoy!

Why not squeeze ourselves into toddler costumes?!

Halloween circa 2011 with my cadets.
I always loved making Halloween special for them if they had to spend it with me at work.

Rachel Zoe, CSI detective, Super Woman and a bat!

This costume doesn't quite make sense without being able to see me next to my date, but that year I went as Katie Holmes and my date was Tom Cruise from Risky Business.
It turned out to be a pretty fun combo.

Obligatory haunted house photo.

The cutest little hotdog I ever did see. 

One of my all-time favorite costumes thus far, Gnomes.
I'm pretty sure we'll circulate this one back through the rotation at some point.
Act surprise when we do, would ya please?
What are you going to be this year?
Happy Halloween, friends!!