Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I Could Never Be a Consultant

I'm slowly realizing that I am not one of those people who loves to travel. With that realization comes the knowledge that I can confidently scratch "work as a consultant" off of my "I wonder if I'd be good at ______" list. It's really no skin off my back, but I do wish that I loved being a jet setter a bit more than I do to simply make traveling something of excitement and not of labor.

If you're anything like me, your travel begins with a list of what you need and what you might need. Why does my might list always weigh 20 lbs more than my need list? Do I really need 12 outfit options for a 4 day trip? Probably not. 5 pairs of shoes for a long weekend? Survey says...nope. Do I really need a sleeping mask, sleepy time pills and a travel size fan just in case I cannot sleep while in the hotel? Still guessing no, BUT what if I get there, I need them, and I left them at home? The sheer possibility of these questions and mights is why my suitcase weighs more than someone who is trying to smuggle a small child into the country (which by the way, I am not, if you are airport security and read this post. Thanks).

So now that I've conquered packing, it's on to the airport. Although I wish I was the type of person who can pull up a stool in an airport restaurant or grab a beverage at Harry Carey's while waiting for my flight. Again, sadly, it's a no go for this gal. I'm more of the grab a burger and fries at McD's and anxiously await any flight announcements at the gate. Even if the lay-over is 2.5 hours, you'll definitely find me holding down the fort at gate E15. Alone and sans frothy beverage in the off chance that somehow my gate has changed, I've been bumped from the flight due to my heavy bag, etc...

Lastly, I can tell that I am no jet setter based on my traveling attire. Again, I wish I was a fashionable frequent flier who loved to rock boots, belts, and blazers in order to look my very best while flying, but again, it's a no go. I don't want to have to be the women frantically running from concourse 1 to 2 in 3 inch heels, nor do I want to disrobe before entering the security line. Flats, no belt, etc...is how this chick rolls her suitcase to and fro. Thank God I am not a celebrity or I'd forever be the slouchy celeb wearing jeans, flops and a v-neck T in LAX via US Weekly.

Maybe my 2011 resolution should be to work on my traveling techniques and jet setter attitude. If not, I'll see you at gate E15 in '11 with my burger. Text me if you want me to grab you one too;)