Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping Me Going

Chris Tomlin's new song "Our God" is helping to keep my head up, my eyes forward, and my heart hopeful today when I'm not feeling so great.

Give it a whirl, it just might lift your spirits too. And go ahead, crank up the volume. You know yo want too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Was Glad to Come Home to After Nicaragua!

  • Drinkable tap water

  • Not having to take bottled water into the bathroom to brush my teeth

  • Less heat and humidity. Geez, I forget how hot it is there!!! We ain't seen nothing, Charleston!

  • No gallo pinto for 365 days (no more rice and beans, por favor)!

  • My dog.

  • My bed and my duvet! Sleeping with: 1) bugs in your bed on the last 2 nights= not cool. 2) sleeping with only a paper thin sheet while a fan blows on you= Brrrrr. Even in 90 degree temps it's chilly.

  • Sharing stories with my family and those that ask.

  • Clean, dry clothes.

  • The luxuries of paved roads, houses not made out of tin and dirt floors, etc...that I tend to take for granted.

Things That I Was Not Excited to Come Back to:

  • Having to wear make-up.

  • Having to do my hair.

  • Having to pick out clothes every day.

  • Everyday tasks that I have to do, but that don't contribute anything to my life.

  • The readjustment phase. I hoped it got easier each time. I'm learning that is just not so.

  • Figuring out how to hold close everything I learned there, and not let the faces and names drift away.

  • Being away from that beautiful country and those beautiful people for 365 days.

  • Leaving behind Pio Quinto! A dessert that I am convinced the Lord himself created for our pleasure!