Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 Cheers For...

  • Fire engine red Essie nail polish
  • Getting to have lunch with my husband and pup every single day (and wanting to do so)
  • Searching for my first SUV. I can almost smell that new car smell!
  • Being here to attend my Grandpa's Birthday dinner after years of missing these
  • Seeing a woman with a SC flag tervis tumbler in my new employee orientation this week! Instant smile on my face.
  • The Bachelor Pad, our guilty pleasure
  • Waiting patiently for turkeys to cross the street regularly. Seeing them in my neighborhood has yet to get old.
  • Cooking new, healthy and yet still tasty meals
  • Ikea being within driving distance
  • Knowing I'll be in Charleston in almost 2 weeks!!
  • Our Freiberg Mystery Date Night this Saturday!
  • 30 hr work weeks
  • Finally getting our ceiling repaired
  • This amazing song on repeat by the amazing Jason Mraz
  • Rainy days with the office windows open
  • Blogging again
What are you "cheers'ing" to these days??

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