Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooking For 2

My transition from single hood and living on my own at 33 has been both a challenge and a blessed adventure. I'll dig deeper into the transition in later posts, but today we're talking about the dining transition. And while I could write a whole post on dining out as a married couple (see note below), today I'm brain swirling on cooking and dining in with my man.

*Single ladies, please take note that dining out after marriage will no longer result in delicious and often treasured leftovers. Long gone are the days of anxiously awaited lunches after a fabulous first round meal at your fave restaurant. Love makes you do CRAZY things, like move 1,000 miles away from saltwater, and it will also cause you to "share" (or begrudgingly give away) what's left on your plate. Such a very sad thing to learn as a newlywed. Thankfully, I have a crush on my hubby, so I'm willing to learn to share with a smile and not a tear.

For me as a single, cooking dinner was out of obligation. I had to eat, and after working a full time job, then coaching for 1.5 to 2 hours, followed by a 20-30 minute commute home, cooking a meal was the last thing I wanted to do. The very last. Coming home to a prepared meal by my amazing roommate compared to winning a small lottery, I kid you not. And as a result of my lack luster cooking momentum, what I prepared was about 75% processed. I'm not proud, but I'm not going to lie either. How I am still as small as I am is a God thing, because this gal should be about 350 lbs due to my eating habits.

Fast forward to married life and having another hungry mouth to feed again ='s a challenge and new adventure. Although I don't care as much about what I put in my mouth, I do care about feeding the man I love healthy, yet tasty dishes. And as a result, we've gone to about 15% processed in our meals and I love it!

Our produce bowl on the counter is literally overflowing with beautiful treats and our dinners are way more fun to prepare. Thanks to fellow bloggers, I've been able to find cool new recipes to try. Granted, there are WAY more dishes to wash, but in our house we have a rule "If I cook, you clean. Duh."

I love my husband and therefore I'd like to keep him around for a LONG time with a healthy heart. And if he can bear with me through the bumps on learning a new kitchen layout (*again, harder than you think it'd be after years of living solo in my this is how I like my kitchen days), we'll be cooking ourselves off into the sunset throughout this first year together!

Want a change, check out this awesome blog http://theunprocessedkitchenwithheidsmcghee.blogspot.com/ . It's changes my life one meal at a time!

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Heids McGhee said...

You are a doll and I am honored to be helping you!!!! I was a failure when I was a newlywed as well....frozen pizza and carry out. Take it slowly and you will do GREAT! PS-I was born in IL, lived in NC, and am back in IL.