Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday High Fives

I'm baaaacccccckkkkkkkkk.

It's been a LONG time, my friends. I've missed you fiercely.

Due to massive amounts of cogs and gears all moving at the same time in every direction in my life over the last few months a hiatus seemed inevitable. That being said, I figured I'd ease back in to this ole blog of mine with an easy post. So without further ado...

Friday High Fives go out to:
  • A gorgeous weekend with NOTHING on the agenda. Not a DANG thang, y'all. We're gonna wake up when we wake up. We're gonna eat what we want, when we want it. We're gonna do us. You do you, we'll do us. All weekend long. And that my friends, smells a bit like freedom.
  • A trip to either the farmer's market or the county fair tomorrow. Not totally sure which one yet, but there will be local, outdoor fun had by the Freiberg Three.
  • Fun new kicks with bling. Sometimes you just want your feet to get a little bedazzled action.

  • Knowing that Nash's BFF, Travers is being celebrated this weekend in SC as he turns ONE. Happy early Bday, buddy! We hate we can't be there to hug you and toast your parents, but you'll be on our hearts this weekend for sure. *Here's the little duo when they were 5 months old. They'll be reunited in October and I can't wait!

  • A lunch date today with my dad. No matter how old you get, your dad is just good for your soul. Especially when cheese fries are involved.

  • A random chance to visit the hospital where Nash's journey began on his actual birthday. We had a family member there, so we took the opportunity to recreate the last photo we ever took of me before I entered those doors to meet our man. It's crazy how times flies and what losing 50lbs does. Yep, I just admitted that I gained 50lbs whilst growing a human. It wasn't pretty. Everything on my body touched each other, which is super fun in the heat of August.

  • Bachelor in Paradise. I know, I know. It's crap TV, but it's entertaining crap.

  • Watching Nash relish in the aftermath of his first Bday party that is toy chaos to the enth degree. Can you spot the baby in this photo? I promise he's in there enjoying his new toys.

  • Seeing so many of friends last Saturday, many of whom we see 1-2 times a year now that we live in different states. The Jim Olson Memorial Golf Tournament is always a great day to catch up with old friends, watch everyone's babies grow and celebrate the life of our friends' dad who left way too early.
Happy Friday, y'all!