Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Up For Air

Five months. Five months is how long I've separated from this blog and my words and thoughts and those who used to drop by and give me a few daily moments of their precious time (thank you!). I've missed you. All of you. This blog, the words, the feelings and the people. I've truly missed you.

Over the last five months I have thought so many times "this would be a great blog post" and yet I made excuses about being too busy or not having enough time. Neither were 100% true. I HAVE been busy and time HAS been stretched, but mostly, I didn't have the words. Or I didn't have the RIGHT words.

This last year was a hard one. In all honesty, it was the hardest year of my life and although I blogged through some of it, it just got to be too hard to write and not spew everything from my soul onto "paper" for others to read. I've always kept my blog transparent and honest. Some posts are funny, some are sad and some are pointless, but they've all been honest which is what has made my blog journey meaningful to me. But this past year, everything was just too real and too heavy and I was too tired and sometimes too lost to be honest, or more so, to not be honest. Being too honest was too scary, so I stopped altogether.

As I finally come up for air, I think I'm ready to be honest again. Some things I may share from the past year and some I won't, but I'm back and I'm here and I'm ready to write. There's something so freeing about storytelling and I look forward to bringing this freedom-giving outlet back into my brain, life and heart.

I'd love for you to stick around if you stumble back this way. I've missed you. Honestly.

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Mama D said...

Glad to see you are BACK!!!