Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

Weekends are for friends, naps, sun, pedicures, and if you live in our house, a tantrum or two. Just keepin it real, my friends.

Saturday proved to be a fantastic day. There were two estate sales (at 1/2 price, mind you), water table fun, a pedicure with my mom and so much more. The Hubs had a guys' night planned so I was talkin a big game in my head all day that included an 8pm bedtime for Nashy and then 3 hours of uninterrupted time of Netflix with my dear friend, Olivia Pope (shout to any other Scandal fans out there). Needless to say, bedtime occurred not so promptly at 9pm and I was dozing off by 10:30pm. I am officially lame. I definitely can't party like I used to, nor can I even watch TV like I used to apparently. #Momlife #Tired

Sunday included volunteering in the 2 year old childcare room at church, followed some Chicago style hotdogs for lunch, naps and dinner with my in-laws. I'll chalk this up to another successful weekend day.

Now that I've told you how amazing our weekend was, here's the part where I keep it real. Nashy has hit the stage of Birthday awareness. What does that mean, you ask. He has begun to notice when other kiddos at "school" get their special Bday celebration and has begun claiming everyone else's Bday as "MY BIRTHDAY!" Saturday afternoon actually found us having a heart to heart that it was, in fact, NOT his Birthday. Tears flowed along with a few screams declaring "My Birthday!!!". With his 2nd birthday quickly (or slowly if you ask him), I do believe I'll create a countdown to my birthday chart to help ward of tantrums, tears and demanding of candy for his birthday on days that are NOT, well, his birthday. I think I have met my match on loving our birthdays. #NotYourBirthday #NoCandy

We also enjoyed a timeout or two, him spitting at me during dinnertime at my in-laws which resulted in immediate removal from the dining room table, him demanding "more brownie" of which there was no more brownie (so momma had to give him the rest of her beloved brownie), and more. Thank God he's so stinkin cute!!

What was your weekend like, friends? Any naps, sunshine or irrational tears and tantrums? I hope it was great one where you got to finish YOUR whole brownie!

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