Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When I Grow Up

Today I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals.com as we share what we wanted to be when we grew up. Wait, I have to grow up? Says who?

A Garbage Man (or Lady)

From an early age, I was a slacker knew that I wanted to have a career but I didn't want to have to work five days a week with only two days to do whatever I wanted. Seeing as how our garbage man only came by our house on Mondays, I declared to my family and first grad class that I was going to be a garbage man when I grew up. Only work on Mondays? Done and done.

A Veterinarian
It's no secret that I love animals, sometimes even more than I love some people. So it only made sense to be a Vet when I grew up. And with my great uncle owning his own veterinary hospital, I thought everything was meant to be. That was until he let me observe a hysterectomy on a sweet, little pup. And that friends, is how you squash a dream. I knew in that moment that my passion was to love on animals, not to cut them open or have to tell their owners that it was time to let them go. Onward and upward!
A Marine Biologist
Around eight grade on into about my tenth grade year, I thought for sure I wanted to a marine biologist. I'd buy orca whale VHS tapes and t-shirts from Natural Wonders and just loved all that the ocean had to offer. Fast forward to a vacation where I was swarmed by a school of stingrays on Folly Beach, SC. Umm, no thanks. I spent the next 7 years only going about knee deep in the ocean due to crippling fear of what lay beneath. And I'm no marine biologist, BUT I do believe that one must be willing to get in the ocean to be able to study said ocean. Sigh.

Disney on Ice Skater and Coach
After being a competitive figure skater for fifteen years, I knew in my heart that I wanted to tour with Disney on Ice after graduation high school, and then spend my adult life as a skating coach. After audtioning for Disney and receiving word that I had been accepted, my parents told me that I had to attend college first and then I could tour. I'm pleased to report  that I did in fact graduate from college (proof in the photo below). I'm saddened to report I never did tour, BUT I did try my hand at coaching. I loved it, but it didn't pay the bills. Next, please.

With a a B.S. degree in Health Promotion and Corporate Wellness, what does one do? Well duh, you go into fundraising for a military college. And just like that, I found myself in the non-profit world and have been there for over 15 years. I love what I do and I love knowing that my efforts help make education affordable for students regardless of income or circumstance. And I've been blessed to work with awesome students and cadets over the past 15 years who have made fundraising a fun career and not just a job. (Halloween staff photo with my cadets below)

I also had the privilege of being a college cheerleading coach for The Citadel for seven years in the 2000's, alongside of two of my BFF's.

And now I have the best job in the world, on top of still being a Director of Development for a college...

I get to be a...
Mom to Nash
Wife to Tim

Somehow I landed these sweet gigs regardless of previous experience or qualifications. They both gave me a shot at the job and I spend every day trying to be a better wife and mom than I was the day before. Sometimes I nail it. Sometimes I fail miserably, but I have yet to be fired. Thankfully. I love this job the most. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?


Abby said...

I was dying laughing at you wanting to be a garbage man...made total sense!!! I also love your sons name...my maiden name is Nash and if we had a boy that was my go to name, so cute!!!

Just A Work In Progress said...

My most favorite words..."Sometimes I nail it. Sometimes I fail miserably, but I have yet to be fired. Thankfully. I love this job the most."