Thursday, June 11, 2015

Surrendering Control

As you can probably tell by my lack of consistent posts lately, I've been struggling a little with what to write. Well today, as I perused my two favorite blogs, Katie of spoke right to my heart. And because just maybe she'll also speak right to your's, I thought I'd share her words. They are wise, honest and needed.

Do you ever feel like you're floundering? Or stuck? Or both? Well, that's been the name of my game lately and I'm about to wave the white flag. It is 100% apparent that I have zero control over certain areas of my life, so trying to control them is like herding cats. Pointless, I tell you, and the energy it requires can be all consuming.

But, God, HE is always in control. He knows the outcome of every situation before it's even a blip on my radar. He knows how everything will play out and pan out. He knows the triumphs and victories that may lay around the corner, and He always knows what heartache lay beyond the horizon as well. The good news is that He is prepared for both. Prepared to redeem, prepared to restore and prepared to redirect when needed. He's prepared. I am not. BUT, I AM with Him. If I simply surrender.

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