Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Lately

It's taken me awhile to feel like writing again, but just like everything else in life, "this too shall pass" and I'm starting to feel like "me" again. Granted, nothing from the last two weeks has taken away the emptiness felt in our home feels and in my heart, but we're falling into our new normal thankfully. It's been gorgeous here, amidst the occasional rain shower, and there's been some amazing breezes rolling in off of the water. Every once in awhile, a big, warm gust will roll through the house from outside and it's comforting to think just maybe that's a piece of my little Piggy coming in from his spot outside to remind us of him. It makes me want to always have the windows open. Always.

My life in photos lately...
Every Memorial Day we head to my Grandma Howard's home in the small town of Pecatonica for the parade. It's a great time to reflect on those who have given the ultimate sacrifice
and to spend an afternoon with family.
Isn't my Grandma's home too cute? Sometime I'll have to share photos of the inside.
This home has been in our family for decades and decades and she has done so much work to turn it into the coziest, little cottage.

Welcome to historic Pecatonica.
Ready for his first parade! Game face on. Paci in.

"Hey, who threw this little dude a green Twizzler?" Tim and I LOVE parade candy, so having a child with us allowed us to catch a little more candy from the floats without being judged by the other parade go'ers. We joked that we'll have "parade drills" for Nash in about 2 years where we'll practice tossing out things in the backyard so he can become a parade ninja with cat-like reflexes. If the candy even hits the pavement, you're too slow, Munchie. Some women are the dreaded dance moms or bleacher moms, I'm going to be a parade mom. There's no mercy in this dojo.

This kids is his mother's son 100%. I'm the happiest when my feet are free of socks and shoes, and the same goes for Nash. His toes love freedom, so as temps rose, I "freed the piggies" so he could feel the breeze on his feet. He immediately flung that foot up onto his tray and there it stayed for the rest of the parade.

And that Jeep climbing the other Jeep, folks, is compliments of one of my relatives. My 2nd cousin's wife is driving the Jeep with the tire on the roof. It's safe to say she's hardcore. 

Yep, friends, that's me. And a Chicago Bear. It was a great day at the office for sure. Who else brings in Jon Bostic for students to meet as they register for fall classes?! The best part was seeing how incredibly nice he was. He had the best smile and could not have been more personable and down to earth. I foresee a #57 jersey in Nash's future.

River Life is like living on vacation.
Okay, so maybe it doesn't feel like vacation ALL the time, but it sure does look like it ALL the time!

Oh how I heart my geese neighbors. We now have about 4 families of gooslings and I'm so in love with watching them as the swim, eat, rest, etc...

So, umm, yeah. All of this came out of my garage last weekend. And this isn't even half of what's in there. I'm afraid that I'm walking a very fine line between vintage collector/resale'r and hoarder.
Let's pray a TON of this sells in my show on June 13th!

This guy. He's the bee's knees.

Grocery shopping is so much more fun with my own personal carrot concierge. He was so good and loved looking at everything. And everyone. Again, this guy...

I hope y'all have a great week!

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