Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is always a magical, special time for many, but if you're a believer, this weekend holds so much more than colored eggs, Peeps and bunnies. This weekend holds pain, loss, tragedy, and then it holds hope, redemption and amazing grace.

I hope this weekend is constant reminder that when we feel ALL is lost, nothing is lost with God. Nothing, not even death, is too great for our Lord to conquer. He HAS overcome the WORLD. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow our His and through Him, they are ours as well.

I wish you all the happiest and most hopeful weekends with your friends and family. If you're blessed to have someone to spend this weekend with, consider inviting someone who might want to go to church but not want to go alone. It's no fun to walk into a building alone when everyone else is celebrating with their loved ones. Who knows, someone we know just might be desperate for a little hope, redemption and amazing grace this very weekend.

God Bless, friends. Happy Easter!

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