Monday, April 6, 2015

Borrowed & Blue

This week our church group finishes up a 40 day study called the Love Dare. As a fun (and cheesy) way to celebrate the study and our commitment to our marriages, we thought it'd be fun to have a little wedding party. At least us wives thought it'd be fun. I'm not too sure the husbands are exactly stoked, but they're playing along at least. There will be a cake, quess that "first dance" song game, wedding dresses (if they fit), and more. Fun, right?

As I've been prepping for the soiree in our home, I needed to find a few of my favorite photos from our wedding which led me to Borrowed & Blue, a wedding website that featured our June 1st, 2012 nuptials. I have to say, it's a cool way to experience the day all over again through the eyes of the website contributor. It's neat to see which images she thought were worth sharing and I think she nailed some of my fave highlights.

To take a quick walk down memory lane of our special day, you can visit:

What a perfect day, surrounded by our dearest friends and family. I couldn't have asked for more. It was everything I dreamed it would be as I married my best friend on a gorgeous plantation in South Carolina!

Thanks, Borrowed and Blue, for the internet "time capsule"!

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Erica Ladwig said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my Charleston blog post. I LOVED Charleston and have said that I would move there, and there aren't many places I would leave Texas for. :) I can imagine it was a great place to live with the food, beaches and history, and hard to leave!