Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Fish Is Born

Y'all. Can I just say how much I love baby "toad bellies" sticking out from under a rash guard and swim trunks? Is there really anything cuter? I think not.

This past weekend we took a quick roadtrip to visit some family in central Illinois and had so much fun watching our little man experience a swimming pool for the first time. Our Munchie loves bath time. He'll kick and play and smile the entire time he's in the bath, so I had hoped his love of water would translate to the pool as well. And it did once the fear and uncertainty vanished when he realized we were going to keep him afloat.

Although the hotel's pool was less than desirable and a true testament to how misleading photos can be (think large, spacious indoor pool with ample room for lounging poolside on the website), we rolled with the punches and hopped right in to the small, cramped and eerily murky water. Let me tell you, that cholrine was working overtime, if it was working at all. The Hubs wanted to dunk the baby so many times, but I pulled the "no fun allowed" mom card out every single time he asked, unfortunately. We'll save that milestone for a pool that appears to have less "pool pee" in it. Can I get an amen fellow mommas.

All in all, I'll call his first swim a success. A ridiculously cute success, tiny swim trunks and all.

Thanks, Lovie, for the float!

The brave swimmers who escaped the crowded, loud, murky hotel water
without a single case of E. Coli.

Such a focused floater.

Look at that belly!

Late night cuddles with his cousin. And by late night, I mean 8pm.  We're crazy like that.

Three cheers for fun family time!

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