Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show and Tell- My Favorite Vacation

As we link up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for today's edition of Show and Tell- My Favorite Vacation, this post was BY FAR the easiest one to narrow down thus far. I've taken many a trip and have also lived in the #1 Best City in America, Charleston, SC, which is pretty much the equivalent of living "on vacation", but my favorite vacay would definitely be our honeymoon in 2012 to St. Lucia, BVI.

After planning a wedding in Charleston AND a large reception in our hometown of Rockford, IL for those who couldn't make the trip to the actual wedding, this bride was beyond ready for a vacation. To give you a glimpse at just how exhausted I was, I was so physically ill the morning we embarked on our honeymoon from being overtired, that I asked the Hubs if we could leave the next day instead. Thankfully, he showed a little tough love and off we went.

St. Lucia was exactly what I needed to recharge my dwindling batteries. I had made decisions for 8 months on what everyone would eat, what type of chairs people would sit on, what flowers went with what vase, etc... I was DONE with decisions. That was until I encountered the swim up bar at our all-inclusive resort. From that moment on, my toughest decisions were which fun cocktail to try and what point in my pool lounging should I flip to the other side as to not burn. Tough life, right?

Sandals La Toc had everything we could've asked for and more. The food was amazing and plentiful. The ice cold Piton beer flowed like wine. The nightly entertainment was just that, entertaining.

The views were incredible and colorful and a perfect reminder of how creative God must've been as He planned everything out.

We visited a mud bath that was featured on the Bachelor and then soaked it off in a hot spring, followed by a dip under a waterfall. We visited the Piton Mountains courtesy of Joe Knows tourboat, which was a party in itself. Thankfully I'm not a huge drinker, but I did see that rum punch sneak up a few newlyweds who appeared to be a little seasick after snorkeling while tipsy. It's all fun and games until you create fish food. No thanks.

There was lots of reading by poolside and amazing dinners.

There was a street festival and a newlywed photo shoot compliments of the resort.

And what is a honeymoon without a little "Daniel Son"? Empty, I tell you.

We took out the stand up paddle boards and kayaks, and at one point something VERY large swam under our kayak and scared the life pretty much out of me. Think a "Jaws" sized something. As it swam under our kayak, neither the Hubs nor I uttered a word about it, but I did notice the pace of our paddling increased substantially. I think we were both hoping the other person didn't see it and were trying to remain calm until our kayak hit sand and we bolted. Once on land, I turned to the Hubs and began to say "umm, did you..." and before I could finish he confidently replied "uh yeah, I saw it too." Needless to say we never took that kayak back out. I've totally seen that Lifetime movie and it does not end well, y'all.

All in all, it was the perfect trip with my new husband. We got to relax, re-center and enjoy being us outside of our beautiful wedding haze and hustle. Whoever invented the honeymoon was quite possibly the smartest person on the planet. I would like to meet them and hug them profusely.

Tim, can we go back? Pretty please with a Piton on top? There's a dirty banana cocktail calling my name.

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Laura said...

Awesome pictures!

Lisa- the So Cal Soccer Mom said...

Looks like such an amazing trip! The water is absolutely beautiful and I totally agree about the amazement over God's creativity. Glad you had such a great time :)

Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said...

The creativity of our Lord is amazing and your photos are so fun! What a fabulous honeymoon adventure!

Heather @ Happily Her said...

We honeymooned in St. Lucia too! It was everything we hoped it would be and more. We stayed at the Sandals Grande, but traveled to La Toc for dinner one night. We did the same excursion and it was awesome. The captain of our boat really kept the party going and we too saw people create some fish food :) I wish I could go back to beautiful St. Lucia today!

Christina Sotherden said...

You and your hubby are seriously so cute!! Your trip looks fabulous!! My husband and I are hoping to get to St. Lucia next spring so I had a blast looking at your pics!!

Rebecca said...

So pretty! I've always wanted to go to St. Lucia!