Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Show and Tell- My Most Embarrassing Moment

It's that time again...time for a little show and tell link-up with www.momfessionals.com. To read more embarrassing stories, because who doesn't enjoy laughing at other's expense (JK), click on over to her page and cringe as we share in our humiliations!
It's probably safe to say that I could write a few pages on my most embarrassing moments over my 36 years, but for your sake, I'll try and keep it to two. You're welcome.
My first moment came when I was a junior in college at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Although I went to CofC, I was fortunate to cheer on The Citadel's co-ed cheerleading squad due to the lack of females that had an interest in cheering at a military college. I absolutely loved my time at The Citadel and had the best time with my teammates. We worked hard, trained countless hours, played together, partied together, traveled together, laughed and cried together, and apparently humiliated each other. Case in point...
When cheering during a college basketball game, timeouts can happen at any given moment. Knowing this, we were always hyper-sensitive to the fact that we must be prepared and ready to hit center court when that buzzer sounds. With a timeout looming in the air, the captain let us know that our next timeout would be a dance at center court. With me being the person in the very front row and center position of that particular dance, I knew I had to hustle to get to my spot before the music started to avoid the embarrassment of starting late. Little did I know, that embarrassment would pale in comparison to what was about to unfold.
The buzzer sounds, I haul tail to center court, front row, lower my head and wait for the music to start. Only it does not start. Ummm....still not starting. As I slowly raised my head to peek over my shoulder to see what the hold up is, I notice all of our guy teammates are belly laughing hysterically. If I recall correctly, one of them was actually laying on the sideline holding his stomach with laughter. I quickly whip around to see that I am the. Only. One. On. The. Court.
Seriosuly. The only daggum fool on the basketball court, y'all. And I'm about 6 feet away from the front row of the crowd and CENTER stinkin' court, so there is no mistaking that I was 100% not supposed to be out there.
At that moment, I prayed that the court would open up and swallow me whole. But alas, it did not. So I did what any good cheerleader would do. I screamed "Go Bulldogs!!!" did some massive clapping, a few high kicks and sprinted back to the sideline to avoid a penalty for being on the court when it wasn't an official timeout. Apparently the whole squad knew what was about to unfold, but little ole me. I think I died a little that day. But the crowd seemed to enjoy it with a booming round of applause after the look of confusion faded from their faces, and I KNOW my teammates loved it to pieces at my expense. I do what I can, folks.

My second moment came at The Citadel again, but took place when I ran a cadet fundraising team as the Director of Annual Giving. *My story is almost identical to Andrea's over at Momfessionals, so I'll keep this one super brief.
During one of my evening shifts, I was rocking some tall heels and these really cute dress pants with a very large cuff (p.s. I haven't touched those pants since). I had just concluded my nightly announcements, so all eyes were on me in the front of the room. As I turned to walk back to my desk, my heel snagged my pant leg and in what felt like the slowest slow motion move you've ever seen, down I went in a full body face plant. The worst part, aside from eating it in front of 12 college guys, was that in a moment of sheer panic, I tried to grab the kid seated the closest to me to catch my fall. Needless to say, I missed. I can still remember rolling over onto my back, because said heel was still stuck in my pant cuff and I couldn't free myself, only to look up into his horrified eyes leaning over my sprawled out body. "Are you okay, ma'am?" he asked, as I contemplated faking being knocked unconscious to avoid humiliation.
After regaining my breath, I laid there and laughed through my pain. Once they all knew I wasn't hurt aside from my pained pride, they burst out laughing too. It was not my shining moment as a boss, but it was learning tool for us all. No one is above humiliation on the job, not even the boss-man (or woman). We're all human and we all fall down. Our job is to ensure that we're all "okay" before we belly laugh.
What's your most embarrassing moment? I know you've got em. Don't leave me out here all by my lonesome with my skirt tucked into my tights!


Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

oh my goodness! I cheered for Clemson and can totally relate to the humiliation of being on the court by myself. How awful!

Kelly @ Familiar Joy said...

Oh gosh, I have plenty of embarrassing moments, regarding cheer. Including the time that I didn't realize my skirt was flipped up in the back, while up in a lib (in front of a basketball crowd, with bleachers on both sides). Oh, I could go on and on! ;-) You're not alone!

Brittany F. said...

Paige and Kelly, thank you so much for stopping by! I'm so glad to have you both and can totally relate to your cheer moments too! We could probably start a whole site dedicated to cheerleading fails. And Paige, I'm guessing I cheered a bit before your time, but I'm guessing I attended a game or two as a fan during your cheer days. Small world! I'm headed over to check out both of your pages:)

Ashley Tremaine said...

OMGosh!! So funny!!! :)