Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday High Fives

This week was another touch and go week, thanks to the little Munchie showing the start of Pneumonia due to his RSV, followed by him sharing his nasty virus with me this week. Good times, y'all. Praise the Lord for warmer weather that allows us some fresh, less contaminated air. Hallelujah!

Further praises are in order for:

  • The glorious weather! One reference is not quite enough to capture just how much this springtime weather means to me. After a brutally cold winter, seeing 60 degrees on my dashboard seems like a gift from the Lord above. I mean, it's practically bathing suit weather. Thank God it's not though. Yuck. I'm nowhere near ready for that hot mess.
  • My crockpot. Who wants to cook a meal when you feel like chewed up gum on the bottom of someone's shoe. Not this girl. Homemade bean and ham soup and cornbread was the perfect comfort meal.
  • St. Patrick's Day makes me so happy for this one reason: Shamrock Shake time, people. Oh my goodness, they are so creamy and minty and amaze-balls. And if you're one of those people who are already thinking "eww, do you know what's in those?" just keep it to your dang self, okay? Don't send me a link to some online article about the GMO mumbo jumbo in regards to this green, frothy cup of goodness. I. Don't. Care. They are delicious and I only consume like two a year, so I'm down with whatever crap like need to pack into them to make them taste like smiles through a straw. Please send all concerns to Noonecares@you'

  • Having one of the local news/meteorologists in your church group. During group we gave him a code to weave into his nightly report on TV and he nailed it. It's like having an inside joke come through your TV that only 12 of you know out of the 100,000+ viewers. I think he may regret telling us this can be done.
  • Watching birds use icebergs as ferries on the river. The river is almost completed melted, with the exception of some ice bergs, and brilliant birds are taking a break from flying from point A to point B this week. It's totally cute, y'all. I wish this picture did it just. They were just a cruzin'.

  • This little girl who is wise beyond her years, not too mention completely adorable. Watch her via this link (it's only 30 seconds): You go girl!
    • If you skipped over that video link, trust me, it's worth your time.
  • This face.

  • And these eyes.

  • The fact that we still have a few hours of light left when we get home at night thanks to daylight savings. I hate losing the hour, but love gaining the light!
Happy weekend, Y'all!

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