Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bachelor Finale Fail

Do you remember that one time I was hosting a Bachelor Finale viewing party and came home from work to find ZERO cable in my home? Yeah. I remember it like it was just two days ago. Because it was.

If you ever want to make me lose my mind, cut my cable when I'm about to have people over for a party that involves a functioning television. Let's just say that I was not a happy camper and the customer service woman on the other end of my phone knew it. The best they could do? Fix my cable by 4pm the next day. Umm, yeah. That's not going to cut it. I asked the cable rep if she was going to call all of my friends and tell them there's no party. AND were they going to reimburse me for the food, cocktails and pizzas that I paid for? Apparently, much to my dismay, that does not fall under the fine print of their responsibilities on my contract.

Thankfully the Hubs could tell on I was on the verge of going postal and offered to call one of our friends for me and explain the situation and see if we could pack up our party and move it elsewhere. I was in no shape to speak with anyone, so his offer to call was a huge and welcomed gesture. And thanks to a friend who opened her home and welcomed our party with less than an hour to prepare for a crowd, the night was saved. And although it was a major disappointment to have laid out my "farm" themed table and prepped the house for a get together, all was not lost as we still spent the evening with friends, food, and wine. Oh, and The Bachelor, of course.

And because I love a themed gathering, here is a sampling of some of the farm inspired items we had (plus pizza and a build your own salad bar):

Because what is a Bachelor party without a framed photo of the man himself?

Pop "The Question" Corn
Soules Farm Corn Salsa and Chips
Cow Pies
Everyone got a personal-sized pie as a favor.
They come in those tiny boxes and were too cute to pass up!
We all declared our final picks as we entered the party. Sadly, I think only two of us chose Becca. Myself and....
The Munch. Team Becca all the way. I still stand by our pick too.
We'll see how it plays out after a few months.
Who were you pulling for? Team Whitney or Team Becca?
And more importantly, did you ever-lovin TV work??

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