Monday, February 16, 2015

A Ground Hog Day Weekend

Although I despise the movie Ground Hog Day, if I had to be trapped in such an awful and anxiety provoking scenario, I'd want my Ground Hog Day to be the weekend that I just completed. I'd love to relive that weekend over and over again. And then over and over again.

After a busy weekend on the 7th-8th and then a packed week, the last 3 days were much needed and totally welcomed.

Friday kicked off with a sweet co-worker offering to watch Nash so the Hubs and I could go out to a Valentine's Day dinner sans kiddo. I tried talking her out of it numerous times, but she insisted and finally we obliged. And it was wonderful. It was so nice to be out at our favorite restaurant, knowing that the munch was in such good and loving hands. From the service to the amazing food and drinks, our dinner was perfect. We shared four small plates, including my favorite risotto and Manchego cheese crostini with pesto and figs on the side, and all of them were everything I had hoped and more. Plus, it's always fun to be taken to your seat and see your name waiting for you. Five Forks, you get it right every single time.

From there, we stopped at Greenfire for a drink and a few more minutes of baby freedom, until I couldn't stand being away from the little man any longer. It's so funny how amazing it feels in the first hour of baby freedom, but by hour #2, I start to want to be home with him again. So home we went for a few late night munchie snuggles and a family selfie.

Saturday consisted of Valentine donuts by By The Dozen, cheesy TV movies, a nap, flowers and chocolate truffles from the Hubs, and a home cooked dinner of caprese salad, blue cheese stuffed olives for the Hubs, crab dip, shrimp scampi and champagne. With the temp bringing a -25 windchill on Saturday night and a kiddo with a cold, we made the decision to stay in and it was just what the doctor ordered. It was cozy and yummy and relaxing. And if you didn't catch it a few lines above, I actually got to take a NAP. A Nap, people! Everything was right in my world on Saturday.

And finally came Sunday. We slept in (thank you, Munchie), the Hubs made breakfast, my mom and I caught the matinee of "Black or White" and then my family came over for a belated Valentine's dinner. The movie was great, but can you ever really go wrong with Kevin Costner? Never. And although we had some moments of healthy debate over dinner, it's always refreshing to be a in a room with people who can call you out or tell you when they think you're being a punk, and then you get to move on and laugh together again. No hard feelings, just honesty and camaraderie. It's the little things, ya know.

And then this happened...

This is how my Sunday night ended. This sleepy boy had a bath, a full tummy, new, cozy PJs (that the Hubs says makes him look like a snow leopard or a 70's pimp), and then fell asleep on my lap while holding my hand. Perfection. Simply perfection.
All in all, my weekend wasn't full of anything flashy, but my heart was as full as it's been in awhile and my spirit was replenished. I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful and loving and worthy of a Ground Hog Day too!

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