Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things That Suck

Sometimes you just gotta wave the white flag and try and laugh at the things in your life that suck. Sorry in advance to people who are not a fan of the word "suck", but "things that stink" just did not get the job done. It is what it is.

Here are few of mine this week:
  • Opening a bottle of sparkling juice in your office kitchen only to have it proceed to spray anything within a 5 foot radius of the bottle. I'm talking ceiling, floor, into the communal toaster, cabinets, etc... Wiping down coffee pots, counters and walls is super fun when you have a million other things you should be doing. AND, to top it off, the juice was awful. I took about 5 sips and it went into the trash.  Hello, suckage.
  • Waking up to your furnace banging repeatedly at 3:00am. Not knowing if the banging was coming from a burst pipe or something mechanical is a very startling way to be woken up. Either way you know that something is not working as it should and will most likely cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you hadn't saw coming. Sucks much?
  • Having the furnace man fix your furnace for a whopping $630 bones, only to have it start banging again approximately 20 minutes after he leaves. Not cool, sucky furnace.
  • Then waking up the next day and your house is 58 degrees and your baby's hands are like tiny block of ice. Apparently repairing the furnace was not the right call, and now we probably need to replace said furnace after spending the $630 on what they "thought" was the problem. Yo furnace, you suck.
  • Always being 7-15 minutes late to work no matter what time I wake up in the morning. Seriously, how does that happen? My time management skills are the opposite of does not suck.
  • Having things break in both of the homes that you own all at the same time, while your car is also being repaired. Bank accounts, get ready to have funds sucked straight out of ya at a rapid rate.
  • Knowing that the low on Valentine's Day is supposed to be -9 degrees. Brrrrr. Cupid better be packing straight up flaming, blazing hot arrows. Illinois winters, you've sucked a lot less this year than normal, but it's still not cool.
Here's to hoping your week has been anything but sucky! And if it has, this too shall pass, right? We'll power through together. There's only one work day standing between us and the weekend, and that my friends, does NOT suck.

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