Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today I've linked up with Andrea over at Momfessionals as part of her "Show and Tell Tuesdays" to share the story of how the Hubs and I met. To view Andrea's story, you can click on the link below and link up with the other 90 or so bloggers taking part.


After being on a waiting list to transfer to a private school that was approximately half a mile from my home, I was given the go ahead and said goodbye to my current high school after my junior year. Things were not ideal for me at my original high school, and after two incidents that left me feeling anything less than safe, my parents made the financial sacrifice that allowed me to attend a Lutheran high school for my senior year.

Transferring schools your senior year, especially to a school where many people had been together since the fourth grade, was not an easy task. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. In an effort to meet people quickly and ahead of the school year, I decided to try out for poms (aka...dance team if you're not from the Midwest). It took me all of about 5 minutes in the pom's tryout to know to know that it was NOT for me. Seeing as how I was already in the building with my hair curled and my big ole 1996 bow in my ponytail, I decided "what the hay" and I marched myself over to the cafeteria where the cheerleading tryouts were taking place. I had never in my life said a cheer, but in a strange moment of courage I walked in and a few days later, I walked out the new LHS varsity cheerleader.

Thanks to one of my BFF's from skating already being a cheerleader for LHS, I had the opportunity to meet some of the seniors at her house before the school year started. I can still remember what I wore that evening and how much I realized I hated my sandals once I was there and couldn't change my shoes. Isn't it funny how vividly you can remember silly details like that on the night someone special walks into your life? So there I was, sitting on the floor, desperately trying to hid my "hideous" sandals, when this tall blonde guy walked in the room. Aside from thinking he was really cute, I didn't think much of it as I was dating a guy who went to our local college at the time.

As things between my current boyfriend and I fizzled due to him being in college and me still being in high school, I began to notice Tim, the tall, athletic blonde dude a bit more. On the cheerleading bus ride to our first away football game, I remember telling my teammates that I was going to "go to prom with Tim". They sweetly told me that he doesn't really date girls from our school, but that didn't seem to phase me. After all, I wasn't saying I wanted to date him right then, but somehow I just knew that by prom season, we'd be dating.

And so we were. Just as I had planned. He and I were prom dates.

As we dated well into our senior year, I was ready to give the long distance thing the ole college try (pun intended), but apparently my prince charming was not. Although he privately confided in a friend or two, word travels fast in a small school and somehow it made it back to me that the Hubs had declared that come graduation, he was going to give me "the boot". My heart was broken, but I did not lose faith. There was something there that made me want to fight to keep that boot far, far away.

By the time we graduated, we were committed to trying regardless of the 1,000 miles that stood between his school in Kirksville, Missouri and me in Charleston, SC. We couldn't guarantee it would work, but it was worth a shot. And so we did for 2.5 years of college.

And although I won't bore you with the details that took place throughout our 16 year journey, in the summer of 2011, after reconnecting after many years of dating other people, the Hubs surprised me by Waterfront Park in Charleston with a proposal and I wholeheartedly said yes. And the rest is history.

And after 18 years, I'm happy to say that I never did get that boot.

I wish I remembered what he was saying to me, but I was simply trying not to faint from the adrenaline rush. True story. I'm sure it was full of very sweet things though. I look like I'm soaking in every word so it must've been good.

And for the next round of Show and Tell Tuesdays, come back on March 3rd!


Dani {Adventures of a Pharm Girl} said...

What an amazing story! Y'all look so happy!! Thanks for sharing :)

Alayna said...

found your blog through the link-up last night and spent like an hour reading... Love your funny style. Also can relate since we both were married around the same age and year. Excited to keep up with your adventures.
Charlotte, NC

Brittany F. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dani and Alayna! I'm so glad to have you!