Thursday, January 15, 2015

In My 35th Year

In my 35th year, I've learned the following:

Moving is not fun and takes way longer than you'll ever think it will. Where did I get all of this stuff? Owning a shop is not as fun as one might think, but was worth learning over the course of six months. Trying your hand at a "dream job" may end up being not so dreamy, but you can close the doors you opened with a sense of pride for even opening them in the first place. Pregnancy weight gain happens slowly and then all at once. Looking back at your photos from when you're 8 months pregnant is a real eye opener. How was I that big? How did no one tell me I was that big? Thank you, everyone, for not telling me I was that big. Thanks for encouraging me to eat that donut or pizza or cookie instead. That was much more loving.

Your grandparents will begin to age and slow down no matter how much you wish it away and ignore it. It'll happen slowly and then all at once, yet again. Living in Illinois in the fall is beautiful and crisp and everything fall should be. Living through Illinois winters is for dummies and sickos and the like. Hot, apple cider donuts from Edwards NEVER go out of style. Law and order SVU is still my jam. Seeing Straight No Chaser for the third time (and the 4th in April thanks to my Bday present!) is just as much fun as the first. Those boys can dance and sign their way into your heart. $2 gigantic tubs of cheese balls are worth just that. Gross. Decaf coffee is just as good as the real deal after awhile. 

Watching your dog, who was once the only child, share the spotlight and love is hard. Watching your husband complete a 146 mile race is something you'll remember and respect for the rest of your life. Having your estimated timing become off for when that husband is "supposed" to run by you on mile 136 can stir up intense fear for his safety and well-being. Seeing him run by after running through every possible scenario of injury is like lifting a Mack truck off of your shoulders. Standing in the Texas heat for 12+ hours while pregnant is super fun, said no one ever. Watching a marathon in New York in 32 degree weather and 40 mph winds is also super fun, said no one ever. Watching your Hubs complete those challenges in the heat and cold is worth it. I'm still campaigning for Ironman Cabo or Fiji, though. It's really only fair.

Being one year closer to 40 is alarming. Being one year closer to 40 with a new home, a new son and a husband and family that love me make me a bit less scared to be one year closer to 40.

Cheers to my 36th year! Let's do this thing.

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