Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I Learned In My 31st Year.

Your thirties are still better than your 20's. Anything is possible. Curve balls multiply. The more you can handle, the more people throw your way. Change is inevitable, unless it pertains my trusty nokia flip phone from 2002. I do not want an iPhone. I am the ONLY person who does not want an iPhone. I like apple Saki, who knew? Africa is not in my future for 2011 as I planned in 2010. Nicaragua is still very present, and Africa will wait until the Lord calls me there Himself. Fear can have the biggest foothold in your life. Risks are scary. Not taking risks is just as scary. Love hurts. Sandra Bullock rocks. I can handle living with 3 girls and 6 animals for one week in my humble townhouse if needed to help a friend. Best friends sometimes move home(YAY). The Bachelor is an addiction, regardless of whether or not I can stand the man they chose. Cooking is therapeutic. I am a slight hoarder. I miss my family. I love snow. Ice can shut down a city. Prom dresses can change lives. I still need to start working out. Falling down can hurt long after your pride heals. You can accomplish great things if you stop listening to the "you can't do it voices" in your own head and listen to the encouraging words of others. Any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010 was awful. I cry at the drop off a hat when happy, sad, angry, etc... I will not watch another Paranormal Activity movie. My mom will try and sucker me in to every Paranormal Activity movie. Mom usually wins. Darn it. I have amazing people in my life. I have more than I deserve. I am committed to making my 32nd year the best it can be.

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Rob said...

Well said. I'm confident your
32nd year will be incredible.