Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If You Really Knew Me...

You'd know that I'm the absolute worst when it comes to opening my mail. This character flaw of mine slays my husband who lives and dies by whether or not the mailman came. Our mailman could vanish into thin air and I wouldn't notice for approximately 3 months at which time I'd start to wonder where my Southern Living magazine was hiding.

You'd know that I'm addicted to water. I take water with me EVERYWHERE. If I'm somewhere without a bottle of the stuff with me, I start to quietly panic. I drink approximately 128 ounces a day, but who's counting?

You'd know that I'm always hungry. Like, always. The minute I finish dinner my mind begins to explore snack options. I then have an internal negotiation on what time would be "appropriate" for my nightly snack. Without said negotiation, I'd have my snack 30 seconds after my last bite of dinner. 

You'd know that I used talk myself to sleep between the ages of 11-14 (roughly). I'd have wonderful conversations with myself and even better interviews with myself. During those nightly discussions, I was "interviewed by Oprah" more times than I can count. Had I ever made it onto her show, I'm pretty sure I'd nail it with all of the hours I had logged in pillow rehearsals. Is that weird? Don't answer that.

Speaking of Oprah, you'd know me better if you knew that I have written to Oprah throughout my life to get the opportunity to meet her or experience her show. I even wrote her seeking help for a family member once along with my little brother's help. But alas, she never responded and on the day of her final episode, my heart broke in half. I had always held out hope that one day I'd sit in that audience. Sigh.

You'd know that I absolutely love to write, but struggle with grammatical errors. I'm certain that I use too many commas, skip words at times, etc...but it doesn't curb my appetite for this creative outlet of mine. I figure if you want to read a grammatically perfected story, you'll buy a dang book.

You'd know that my birthday is a week away and I slightly hate the fact that people don't really do birthdays here like we did in Charleston. We had birthday parties every year. Every. Year. If my BFF wasn't feelin it for some reason when her Bday rolled around, I'd seriously peer pressure her until she caved and we could celebrate. I mean, if you're not celebrating the fact that you've been given yet another year of this life, what ARE you celebrating? Every January, I feel a little lost without a fun party to plan. Maybe I should do something about that...

You'd know that our new home is finally becoming home. Hosting our first holiday gatherings where family and friends gathered has laid the first foundation of memories amongst those walls and I'm really starting to snuggle into our new nest. Sure, I still have to search for the stinkin frying pan from time to time as I find my way through a new system, but it's home now. It's where I retreat to after a long day and it's where I watched our son enjoy his first "cousins" photo in front of the Christmas tree.

What would we learn if we got a closer look into YOU and all your quirks glory?

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