Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday High Fives

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that most of the country has suffered from frigid temps this week. Us Midwesterners have been SLAMMED by cold temps and snow. And I'm not talking about 12 degree days here. I'm talking -11 with a -25 wind chill kind of freezing. I do not need to hear anyone sing the theme song to Frozen. I'm living in the movie Frozen. Surely there will be a special reward in heaven for those of us who have been called to suffer through these Illinois winters here on earth. It's only fair, really. My mansion in heaven just may have a huge pool with the most incredible rafts and music and sunshine and ZERO snow.

To help keep me motivated during this dreadfully freezing week, I must give props to the following:
  • Fleece pants. These puppies come on the minute I get home after work.
  • The space heater the Hubs bought us about a month ago. That thing no longer lives in our bedroom, but now follows us from room to room. We're learning that a 2-story wall of windows from floor to ceiling is pretty and lends incredible views, but it does not offer much in the "warmth and insulation" department.
  • Gas fireplaces for the win!

  • The return of the Bachelor. I love to loathe aspects of this show like drunk bachelorettes and obnoxious or embarrassing limo exits, but you just can't beat the entertainment this show brings on a Monday night. Welcome back to my life, Chris Harrison.
  • Trader Joe's "Bag of the organic, amazing colored carrots". Their wording not mine, but man, I love me some yellow and purple carrots. Definitely worth the 45 minute drive to the nearest Trader Joes.
  • Speaking of drives, thumbs up all around to a mother and daughter road trip to Moe's! There was a time in my life when I despised Moe's, but this time in my life I shall call the "I miss Moe's" phase. I miss the option of having something that I can grab quickly that isn't super horrible for you and offers so many fresh ingredients. It's delicious and requires an hour long commute every once in awhile.

  • Dreaming of the beach. How cute is this frame my mom gave me? Oh how I wonder that every single day.

  • Baby selfies. These are really the only selfies that I condone.

  • Holding on to the last few moments of my Christmas decorations. I HATE putting them all away for another year. Not because of the time or the work, but because they make me so happy. And the lights? I love the lights.

  • Hot coffee in my new favorite mug! It says "A whole latte love Mommy". Can it get any better?

  • Seeing all of these gorgeous faces in our kitchen as we welcome the new year. Seriously, so many of you should be on the cover of magazines. Just gorgeous. With an army of friends and family on our side in 2015 who are as incredible on the inside as they are on the outside, we've got this year in the bag.

  • Spending cozy nights trying to stay warm with these two dudes and one small, furry dude who didn't make the picture.

  • Finally completing our kitchen table paint makeover before the temps dropped below paintable weather. Just in time!

  • And although this happened last week, yet another year of ringing in the New Year with a Jan. 1st dedicated to sweats, movies and appetizers all day long. YUM! Love our long standing tradition that started with my Meyers family years ago that has continued on into my little family.

 Happy Friday, Y'all!

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