Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Goals

It appears that many of the blogs I follow are all sharing their "Summer Goals" with the internet world, and so I thought "hmm, maybe there's something to this little exercise." I've made lists of goals before but more so at the beginning of the year or in regards to my career plans. Never mid-year. Come to think of it, I've never made a goal list that included eating outside more often so I've declared this list a must-do and am calling it good.

Do you have any summer goals? I'd love to hear them and possibly steal one or two;)

Summer 2014 Goals-
  1. Dine Al Fresco more often, aka eat outside. Charleston offered so much in terms of restaurants with great patios and waterfront views. Rockford offers some great options too and I want to get into the habit of parking myself on a patio for meals more often. Lord knows we'll have all winter to hibernate and dine inside. Check out the view at Noonan's. Good, no?

  2. Take a weekend trip, as we've promised each other, for our anniversary. It can even be one night away, but with how incredibly hectic this summer has been with work, wedding rentals every weekend and jobs that could easily consume you, I think it's REALLY important for us to pause, get in the car, and turn off our phones. Battery recharge time, folks.
  3. Finish two books in July and one in August before our due date. I'm halfway through Jodi Picoult's "The Story Teller" and waiting in the bullpen is "Wish you Were Here" by Stewart O'Nan.

  4. Clean out our garage. What? They can't all be fun tasks like eating ice cream, right (ohhh, can I declare that a legitimate goal as well?)? This one task, must get done. Out of necessity and for the sake of our sanity.   
  5. Walk along the bike path with Wrigley and the Hubs more often. And at least one of those times, bring along a picnic dinner.
  6. Attend one Evening in the Gardens and take in a few City Markets. It's so crazy down there, in a great way, and I think it'll be a better experience if we go now before we're trying to weave a stroller through the crowds.

  7. Watch Tim Kayak in Rock Cut while I read, nap, and breathe in the fresh air.
  8. See one more movie in theaters in July and one in August. All while watching the Hubs crush $18 worth of mediocre popcorn. We went last Friday night and it's just a simple, yet fun date night.
  9. Have a Birthday party for Pig and his dog friends. A kiddie pool is a must. I've wanted to do this for years and have never made it happen. This little man deserves a puppy party, gosh darn it. I wish his friends in SC could come (that's you, Dar-La, Tucker and Bailey!).
  10. Meet our son around August 21st! Ahhhhh!

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Heather said...

Darla is very sad she can't make it :(