Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday High Fives

If you aren't doing the Friday happy dance, you should be. What you waitin' for?

This week's happy dances have been brought to my corner of the world thanks to:
  • A-Mazing showers last week/weekend. I'm plum worn out from celebrating and have the swollen feet and mountains of precious gifts to prove it.

  • Passing my glucose test the 2nd time around. Praise the Lord! That test was no fun at all thanks to chugging a sugar drink that was so strong I could almost chew it, and then sitting there for there for 3 hours, BUT I am not complaining because I PASSED! One less thing to worry about for baby Zig. I'll high five that!
  • Our first family portrait compliments of the very talented, Lysie.

  • A foot rub from the Hubs. My feet are not fairing well lately and the nurse prescribed nightly foot rubs. She even offered to write out a legit prescription for Timmy if he didn't believe me. If I haven't said it yet on here, my nurses and doctor are the bomb. I heart them all.
  • Heading out for a family getaway this weekend. This girl cannot wait to relax! My body and spirit need some serious down time.
  • This little man being ever so patient with me as I constantly entertain myself at his expense. He approves of the baby carrier, but not so much the being buried alive by his babies. He's such a  good sport.

  • And these two holding hands (and paws) as we all debriefed from the work day. I cannot get enough.

  • The Hubs fixing our ceiling fan in the master bedroom. It's the little things.
  • Completing 3 large events in a week span for work. They were awesome, but I'm so glad they're done!
  • Baby kicks that other people can feel. I still love them to pieces.

  • Celebrating with family for Tim's Birthday and Father's Day last weekend. It's always fun to celebrate the people you love with family that are also some of your favorite friends.
  • Having the nursery 90% of the way complete. We went from 0% to 90% in one afternoon, which was exhausting but worth it. Sometimes I just want to sit in there or take a nap in there. Is that weird? I'm guessing I'll spend PLENTY of time in there once the baby arrives;)
Happy weekend, Y'all!

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