Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's in a Name?

We've finally settled on a name, folks. It only took us about 8 months to agree on one we both love. And although we're not making it internet official until his arrival, many of you already know it which makes this whole journey all the more real. And 98% percent of those who know it have greeted the name with open arms and oohs and ahhs, so thank you for not doing any of the following: gagging noises, eye rolls, blank stares, or saying anything that resembles "hmmm, really?" "Are you sure?", or "that's interesting".

If we were having a girl her name was already set in stone. I've had my daughter's name picked out since 1999, Lord willing we have one some day. So girl name, easy peasy. Boy name, ugh. I kept telling the Hubs that it wouldn't be hard to name a boy as I guarantee there's not a parent out there that wakes up every morning and says "oh man, we shouldn't have named our 12 year old Tony. He's clearly a Joey. We're horrible parents." Keep in mind, that thought process of mine was before we opened the fateful envelope that said "male fetus" amongst its context. Suddenly I found myself eating my words.

What's in a boy name, I asked myself daily? A lot apparently. It has to be something sincere yet not sappy, something suitable for a sweet, little bundle but strong enough to carry his stature at 35 years old, and definitely not something that will get him beat up on the playground. When you add all of those things together, you're honestly not left with a whole heck of a lot. At least not for us.  Especially when we tend to be indecisive or have opposite ideas of what may or may not get someone beat up.

So now that its official, I bring you the names that will not appear on Ziggy's birth certificate, although I do still love a few of them so they may reappear if we're blessed with another:
  • My picks:
    • Meyers Lewis (I still love this one, but couldn't sway the Hubs)
    • Ezra
    • Caulder
    • Keaton
    • Charlie
    • Grayson
    • Kingston
    • Liam
    • Kinnison
    • Jantzen (this one was actually a strong contender for both of us for awhile. I'd even randomly shout out "Jantz", which would startle the Hubs, but I wanted to see how it rolled off the tongue when I'd need that little man's attention in the future).
    • Patterson
  • Hub's picks (or some of our mutual picks):
    • Tristan (this one was too feminine for me, but apparently it's the name of a stud muffin in Legend's of the Fall. I just couldn't be swayed, sorry, Tim)
    • Harrison (we both really liked this one, but were afraid he'd be called Harry. The Hubs assured me "no one has EVER met a Harry who wasn't a phenomenal guy", but I just couldn't have my son called Harry. No offense to the awesome Harrys out there!)
    • Tucker
    • Xander
    • Zigmond (not sure if he was for real or not on this one)
  • Names from friends, family, and anyone else I encountered who found out we didn't have a name yet: *No offense in advance to the innocent parties who may have suggested any of the following options. Some of them were great, but not the right fit for us. Others, "hmmm, really? Are you sure?" ;)*
    • Everett
    • Emmett
    • Baylor (I loved this one)
    • Hayden
    • Mitch (the Hubs is convinced every Mitch has either a mullet or ponytail and wears jorts and sleeveless Tees. He had me laughing so hard over how Mitch and Darrel are practically interchangeable that I almost wet my pants while driving due to uncontrollable belly laughs. Gotta love him. The Hubs, not Mitch.)
    • Easton
    • Augustus
    • Muffin
    • Peabo (hoping this one was a joke)
    • Chace
    • Trey
    • Abraham
    • Lincoln
Is anyone else exhausted by the name game after reading that? We sure were. In the end though, it all came out perfectly. Until then, Ziggy he will remain!

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