Thursday, June 5, 2014

Praise Him in the Dark

I've always dreamed of writing a book entitled Glow In the Dark God. I don't know if I'll ever do it, but my vision is to compile short testimonials of Christians who have struggled with severe depression and chosen life; chosen to keep fighting. I know in my darkest times, I had to rely purely on my faith to get me through. I knew in my head the Lord was with me and would carry me through, but I couldn't see Him and I certainly didn't feel Him. And I can remember at times asking Him to glow in the dark if He was there. He usually would surface in the words of a friend or counselor, in a supportive call from my parents, a special verse, or a surprise flower delivery from my grandparents that simply read "hold on for spring". And so I did. I held on. Sometimes with the tightest of grips and sometimes by my pinky finger, but I held on waiting for that glow in the dark moment that said "I'm still here. I've got you. You're not going to fall. You're worth the fight."

This weekend while traveling back to SC, I was able to visit my home church. It's always so bittersweet to go. I LOVE being there where the worship replenishes and people know my name and my passions, and the pastors speak right to me. The hard part is leaving those doors not knowing when I'll be back. But we went and I'm so glad that I did.

As we walked into the building, I thought to myself "dang, it's dark in here." No sooner did I think that than a volunteer stopped us and said "we've had a power outage, but we're still having the service. Pastor Greg will be speaking through a battery pack." I knew right away this was going to be interesting. And it certainly was, but in a very cool way.

Although it was hot in there with an 86 degree day and no airflow, the experience brought me full circle to my days of waiting on my glow in the dark God. The lights were off, but He was there and He was bright.

From the unplugged and acoustic worship music to a pastor standing on a dark stage with an emergency sound system, it was perfect. In that hour or so, it was apparent that the Lord needs no stage. He needs no fancy speakers nor does he need a light show. He can stand alone, in the dark and still bring the light. He's truly is a glow in the dark God.

My hope for you is that you go to church one morning and find that the lights are off. Don't panic. It'll be a very cool experience if you're open to it. The Lord will meet you there, and although the service may be a bit quieter and calmer than normal, it'll be one of the loudest messages you'll witness.

And who knows, maybe I'll write that book someday. Stranger things have happened, like doing church in the dark.

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Mama Dee said...

Oh Britt!!! You continue to amaze me! I am so in awe of the woman my son chose to marry and bring into our family! You DO need to write that book some day!

With love, Mama Dee