Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday High Fives

It's Friday, it's gorgeous outside and I have a half day at the office. I'll chalk that up to a great day. A great one, indeed.

Here are a few other things that made my days just a little bit brighter this week:
  • Receiving fun baby gifts in the mail all week (thank you!). We need to hustle on the nursery apparently, as baby things, although tiny in size, are starting to take over our house since they have no place to go just yet.
  • Finding this fun package waiting for me on my doorstep. Cookies in a box, um, yes, please! Thanks, Rennie! Feel free to jinx me anytime:)

  • Finally being able to sit down on our couch before 8:30pm last night. I have had something every night this week and I'm exhausted. I'm starting to learn that I need to start saying "no" to some things. There's no malice in it, and it's one thing to burn my candle at both ends, but it's another to burn the Zig's.
  • Learning and implementing a few dietary tweaks that have made me feel SO much better. They're not the most fun changes, but if they make me feel good, I can tough them out for the next three months.
  • This song. The Hubs loves George Strait to infinity and beyond, and once he shared with me that this song has always made him think of us and our journey together, I love it all the more.
  • Celebrating our anniversary this weekend. I'm so ready for a great dinner out with my baby daddy.
  • An extra cuddly Piggy this week. He is glued to me like a magnet. Yesterday during lunch he was quietly nuzzled across my stomach when Ziggy started kicking away. He kicked so strong and the Pig never moved. He just cuddled in and absorbed them. It was their first brother moment and I was in heaven.
  • My grandma being discharged from the hospital after an unexpected week long stay. She's now snuggled comfortably into assisted living until she fully recoups.
  • Kicking off our first birthing class together. We were both on the fence on whether or not we'd enjoy it or make fun of it the whole, and whether or not it'd be a waste of time. After one class, I'm already so glad we decided to sign up. Pregnancy isn't really a shared experience, which makes me sad for men to miss out on it, so this class allows us to learn about the process together. I even learned things in the first hour that I had no clue about even as a health major in college.  And the cheesy breathing exercises weren't so bad after all. Until they made me burp and receive a sideways glance of disbelief from the Hubs. Oops.
  • Coming home from a whirlwind weekend trip to a very clean kitchen, vacuumed floors, two scrubbed bathrooms, yard work in progress and a crib that had been scrubbed down and put together. Everyone laughed at me for saying I had left a "honey-do" list for the Hubs, and I believe some called it a rookie mistake. Well, this rookie was a very happy wife when I walked into the house from a long day of travel. Thanks, Timmy! You're the best!

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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