Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrating Ziggy, Southern Style

I've been very blessed with friends, family and co-workers who have come forward and offered to host showers and celebrations for our sweet boy. I struggle with being the recipient of showers as I never want anyone to feel obligated to purchase a gift, but I do love the opportunity to celebrate alongside of friends and family. With that being said, I typically accept, gratefully, with the caveat that it doesn't create too much work for the hostesses and that the gatherings stay pretty intimate with close friends of the Hubs and me and family. It's not about the presents, but about the people.

Thankfully my besties in SC did just that with the perfect, intimate gathering this past weekend. It was our first shower for Ziggy and it felt so right to be there surrounded by the girls who know me best. They've been along with me on my life journey, some for 15 years and some for 4 years, some as college friends, some as bible study friends, some as co-workers or roommates, but all as my dearest friends who I know I can call with anything, anytime.

It was so special to have friends drive in from Georgia and Columbia, SC and to just sit, share stories, a few tears on my part (happy ones, of course), and a delicious brunch at High Cotton. They showered Ziggy and me with thoughtful, yet very practical gifts, even after I had stressed to one of the co-hosts that I did not need presents, but more so just the fellowship of my girls.

I LOVED every single person and present, but a few of my highlights were:
  • Having my co-workers and friends intermixed for the morning. I knew they'd all get along and it was fun to see their faces in one big, happy group.
  • Receiving monogrammed burp cloths. In keeping with our nautical nursery theme, one has an anchor with the verse "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" Hebrews 6:19. As the Hubs put it "those are way too nice to have someone throw up on them repeatedly." That they are!
  • Being gifted a monogrammed pillow case for my hospital stay as part of the gifts from my hostesses. As the moms in the group pointed out "your pillow in the hospital bed will be in every single photo on the first 2 days of the baby's life" so they wanted it to be pretty for me and even more so, meaningful. Needless to say I teared up as I pulled out the cutest gray pillowcase with a navy blue and white anchor embroidered in the center with the words "Anchored in Christ" monogrammed on the side. It's perfect. It'll be the perfect reminder for me of my girls in SC, the faith and Creator who has made all of this possible, and that Ziggy, although ours, is also a treasured child of the most high. Seriously, the perfect gift.
As if the morning wasn't perfect already, a group of women approached our table as they were leaving the restaurant and handed me two sheets of paper. They shared that they "are all moms of boys, and since they noticed that I was having a boy, they wanted to share with me their thoughts and advice on raising a boy." Again, I cried. I hadn't even read the list yet, but was so touched that four women I had never met spent their brunch gathering their pearls of wisdom for a new mom. Rebecca had to read the list to our group as I knew I wouldn't make it through it, and it was so well written that I knew we were going to hang them in Ziggy's nursery. I'll have to share their thoughts with you soon. They're too great not to share.

To my hostesses and friends in SC, thank you so much for loving on Ziggy and me. Being there with you was gift enough, and your actual gifts were above and beyond. I miss you all every day, but I love that when we're reunited, it's like coming home every single time. Ziggy is SO blessed already and I cannot wait to bring him to SC in 2015! If he's anything like his momma, he'll be ready for some saltwater and sand between his toes by next summer!

Saturday Brunch at High Cotton in Charleston, SC
Peonies always make me want to curl up in them and take a nap.
They know me well.
Anchor cake, as yummy as it is pretty.
Ziggy and I thoroughly enjoyed this favor.
The best thing about this photo is that there's 5 people in it:)
One of my precious burp clothes and Karie, the designer of them, in the background.
Four of my Five hostesses. I love them if you haven't gathered that yet.
CofC girls with Citadel hearts, which is the best kind of Charleston girl if you ask me.
These two always make me laugh. Always.
Jumbo sized, Ziggy. I wanted to take him on the plane with me so badly!
Think he would've fit in the overhead bin?


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