Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I'd Rather Travel With The Hubs

10. I dislike riding the bus from Rockford to O'Hare, but it does not make sense for one person to drive in alone when it comes to parking fees. The bus makes me anxious for some reason.

9. People watching is not nearly as fun when there's no one else to share your theories with.

8. He lifts our bags into the overhead bin with ease.

7. It's slightly creepy to rest your head on a stranger's shoulder as you doze off on the plane. Even if it's an accident as your head awkwardly bobs as you nod off. Don't you just hate when your head bobs on a plane?!

6. There's no one to complain to when it's too hot or too cold on the flight. I guess I could share my thoughts with the lucky traveler seated next to me, but I'm pretty adamant about not making chit chat on a flight. I'm not rude, I just usually have a book I've been hoping to finish or a nap to "try" to take and once you open that chatter window it's often impossible to close it.

5. I have no one else to jokingly blame gaseous smells on when he's not there. On one of our flights together, I kid you not, someone smelled like a dirty diaper the entire time (and no, there were no children or elderly people around to pin it on). I made jokes almost the whole way on it being the Hubs to the point that he started getting mad because he was afraid my voice was traveling and others would think it was him too. It made the flight go by much faster though through my giggles, and let's face it, when your plane smells like poo pants you want it to go ask quickly as possible.

4. He gets shafted on getting his complimentary beverage more times that he actually receives them, so when he's not there, the beverage cart is just that, simply beverages. I prefer when it's a game of chance. A Russian roulette of soda and juice, if you will.

3. No one else finds it humorous when they discover a peanut floating in their airplane Coke. No clue how it started, but since our honeymoon, I will ALWAYS sneak a peanut into his drink when he's not looking.

2. He lets me rest my drink on his tray table so I don't have to put mine down.

1. If I were traveling alone and ran into celebrity Bill Rancic's sister, Karen, in the bathroom at O'Hare who would I have told that would pretend to care? No one, that's who.

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