Monday, May 5, 2014

Friday High Fives (A Few Days Late)

Friday got away from me quickly and wildly. There was too much to do and not enough time to do it, which sort of sums up our weekend as well. So because this is my little corner of the Internet and I can make the rules as I go, I'm doing my Friday High Fives on Monday. What you think about that?!

Today, I give some blog love to the following happiness makers:
  • A perfect surprise gift for Ziggy from Auntie Tracy before we flew home last Monday. She picked out the cutest sleepers and the perfect pair of wayfarer shades like mine. Ziggy and I are going to be stylin and proflin' in the sun. Thanks, T! Here's our shades together...

  • Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese at Sole's wedding. This stuff mixed two of my favorite things, Gouda and pimento cheese. I would've happily drown in that bowl.
  • Seeing our Piggy after a few days away from him while we were traveling. About 30 minutes down the road to O'Hare, I declared that I already "missed Pig." That fur baby brings me so much joy it's sort of ridiculous.
  • Not missing our flight out of Atlanta on Monday night. Due to the storms rolling in from the west and a delay out of Charleston, there was a window of time when we thought we might not make it out of ATL that night. Luckily our connection was also delayed enough for us to make it. I was thankful to not be the pregnant woman sprinting through ATL!
  • Seeing Sonia, my brother's fiancĂ©, for the first time in over 6 months. She's got her fiancĂ© visa and is back in the states so they can get married.
  • Coming in to our bedroom on Saturday night to find my two men had taken over the bed. Piggy had claimed his stake on my side and Tim was already out cold, lights on and all. I guess a half marathon will do that to you. Please excuse our non-matching pillow cases. I'm a nut about pillow cases and change mine every 3 days, so we rarely have matching pillow cases in our casa.

  • A great church message yesterday on anxiety by Mike Breaux. This was one of those messages that felt like it was written just for me. I've been struggling with an anxious spirit and heart over the house buying process and especially after leaving Charleston last week, so I needed the reminder, in black and white, that the Lord hears me, He sees my anxiety, but that He is and should be my daily refuge and joy giver. It's all too easy to forget sometimes, isn't it?
  • Registering for Ziggy. I'm torn on whether this is a high or not, as it was pretty exhausting, but it was so fun to pick things out for him and picture him in his new swing, stroller, hooded towels, etc...
  • Having dinner with the Freibergs now that they're back from 4 months in the Gulf Shore. Their tans are incredible, the food was delicious and it was so great to have them back. Not to mention it was fun to have them meet Ziggy since he was the size of a blueberry when they went south.
Happy Friday Monday, Y'all!!

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