Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ode to Pregnancy

There is a place on my right leg
Where my ankle used to be.
ow what’s there is puff and skin
And a cankle for all to see.  

The left ankle bone is going strong
And hanging on with might.
I pray it can stay visible
And not vanish into the night.

Energy has replaced nausea
And cookies replaced saltines.
Decaf has become a trusted friend
But sushi’s an enemy.

Give me cake or give me death
Every carb I crave.
Some days it’s pizza, some days pasta
But donuts are my fave.

"How are you feeling” is often asked
And I’m so pleased to reply.
"I feel like a million bucks today
But two months ago I thought I might die".

Where’s this glow you see on TV
That constantly graces my screen?
Is it something I’m clearly lacking
Or is it just sweat and vomit sheen?

Baby kicks are the coolest things
And have made me fall in love.
Each and every day with this nugget
Is clearly a gift from above.

Oh, pregnancy you make me laugh
And sometimes make me cry.
You’re a whirlwind of emotion and oddities,
Of that I will not lie.

Ziggy, Nugget, my sweet Small Frei
Momma is  crazy about you.
Please be safe, grow strong and mighty
And stay in there until you’re due.

Or until my feet turn into Flintstone feet;) Just keepin it real.

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Becky Gessler said...

:) So sweet!!