Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Happenin'

The sun is shining today and the wind is no longer brutally frigid. I'll take it! Now if only I could figure out a way to become self employed and full of oodles of free time so I could go play with my newly retired mom I'd be all set! I'll keep working on that one.

It's only Wednesday, but I feel as though we've packed a lot into this week thus far. Anyone else feel like that this week? Sunday was spent feeling baby kicks at church, touring two open houses to keep our options open, and then lunch and shopping with my mom. I was in search of baby deals and she was hunting for vacation fashion (lucky her with Florida next week and Vegas in June). It was a fun and exhausting afternoon that capped off with cinnamon stix from Aunt Annie's. I'll call it a delicious success! And as I searched for some nautical flare for Small Frei, I stumbled across this mirror. Love it. Pretty sure I need it. Might try to make one like it.

On Monday, I came in to find a sweet surprise on my desk from my boss. How cute is this outfit? This little man is going to be a stud muffin. If it's navy, striped and nautical, I'm usually swooning over it. I probably need to branch out to avoid some odd "sailor" complex as the little man ages, but they just have me at those tiny anchors, sharks, crabs, etc... You will not find me drawn to anything sports or dinosaur themed. I'll take a crab, plaid, or preppy any day of the week! And check out this umbrella stroller I found at Target! What??? Consider it ours. I do believe that shall be on my shopping list for this weekend.

On Monday night, while cuddling with my first born, fur child, I noticed his forehead felt really warm through his fur. I told the Hubs "I think Pig has a fever" and within 3 minutes, we had a poo  problem on our hands (twice in a week span at our casa, not cool). Poor little sickie! This momma's instincts must be kicking in to notice a dog fever. He's now on the mend, but it hasn't been pretty. Don't you hate when your babies are sick and they can't tell you? It breaks my heart.

Our sick little nestled in while I sequestered him in the bathroom while I shower.

On the mend and sporting little bro's new hat.

This week also brought about the fact that I miss my girls in SC something fierce. I miss them so. I have some friends that I adore here now, but I just miss the closeness and the history with my favorite girls. I miss our "Tanner Plantation bike gang" and fun nights of getting exercise while riding our bikes to Carolina Crust for pizza and a cocktail. I know, it slightly defeats the purpose, but how fun is it to ride your bike to dinner? Way fun. I miss being able to meet Rebecca for lunch randomly at Five Forks or just talking and laughing about everything and nothing at all. I miss going over to Zee's cozy place for a good ole Bachelor viewing night with the best girls around. I miss shopping with Tracy and seeing if she felt like "getting a pretzel at all?" I miss Steve and Becky and how they were always up for anything and loved hanging out as much as I did. I hate missing wedding festivities for Soles and seeing her details come together.

I think the hardest part is going through such an exciting time in our lives here and theirs in SC and not being able to share it with them as much as I'd like. I want to be able to hold their rapidly growing babies and to compare baby bumps with T. Long story long, I simply miss them in a deep way. My soul misses hearing their voices in person and hugging their necks at church every weekend even if I've seen them a few days before.

With all of that being said, I get to be on southern soil and in my favorite city in 22 days!!!! I might not come back. No, for real.

I hope your weeks are going well and flying by as well. Anything that gets me closer to Friday is A-Okay in my book.

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