Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Night We Were Almost Killed

Last week the Hubs and I were quietly winding down for bed around 10:30pm as per our usual routine. We're still in the phase of marriage where we go to bed at the same time as one another so we can spend some quiet time with Piggy and really chat about the day without distraction. It's truly one of my favorite times of day with the exception of any time I get to eat anything throughout the day over the last 5 months.

There we were on a typical Thursday night enjoying our new tradition of reading Small Frei's weekly progress update compliments of babycenter.com. We love learning about his newest development, what size produce he is that Thursday and so on. PS...Last Thursday, whilst almost killed, he was a bell pepper;)

As I'm holding my phone to read aloud about said bell pepper (aka, the cutest bell pepper that ever lived), my phone started ringing in my hand. This immediately struck me as odd for a few reasons: 1)hardly anyone calls me as my friends and family know my cell doesn't get service in our house (side note, it does now thanks to divorcing Sprint two weeks ago) 2) It was almost 11pm and No ONE calls me that late...ever 3) whoever was calling had purposely blocked their name and number. Crrrrreeeeeeppppyyyyy.

I froze for a slight second to process the fact that my phone was actually ringing and that it said "blocked ID" on the screen. The Hubs had to enlighten me on how to actually do this on a cell phone. I thought that shady tactic only worked on landlines, who knew?! At this point, my thoughts raced to a few people who might want to call me that late and not allow me see that it was actually them. I can tell you, that's not a settling feeling as you lay in bed and try to wind down from the day. Especially when the next thing you hear is "knock, knock, knock." Oh, heck no!

The Hubs thought the knock came from the window next to my side of the bed so I immediately told him to hit the lights. Whoever was out there need not be able to see us through a curtain as we panic. For minutes after the knocks, we both sat their in utter silence and stillness. The Hubs wanted to go check for a car in our driveway, but I wouldn't let him. He was not going to leave my side. Not yet, at least.

After what felt like an hour, but was probably more like 8 minutes, I gave him the go ahead to explore. Nothing. No car, no person...cccrrrreeeeeepppppyyyyyyy.

To this day, we have no clue who called or who knocked. It was clearly a knock, of that I'm sure. And the chain of events with the blocked call first followed by a knock only minutes later at 11pm was the closest I've felt to being in a horror film. I hope to never feel that again. My heart can't take it.

Were we really almost killed, no, that's a bit of an April Fool's, BUT were we scared with hearts racing and attack/exit plans racing through my head, you better believe it. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep that night and when I did, I dreamt of being held hostage in my home. Crrreeepppyyyy I tell you, but definitely reason enough for this Illinois girl to go get her FOID card. And you can take that to the bank.

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