Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Strong Patient

For the last week my grandpa Meyers has been in the hospital. For someone who has toyed with going back to school for a nursing degree, I can tell you that I don't like hospitals all that much. Maybe I need to rethink the whole maybe I'll get my nursing degree someday idea.

I don't like the way that they smell, the various people you pass by and can see in their hospital rooms fully knowing their sick, awaiting a surgery, awaiting a diagnosis, or that they possibly were just given a poor prognosis. It just makes me a little sad from the minute I walk in the doors. Even the maternity wing, although much more upbeat, is not my favorite place to be. Guess I better get over that one real quick.

Just to give you a little background on my grandpa: he's tough, he's stubborn (mush like the rest of us Meyers folk), and he can be impatient (again, the bloodlines run deep). All of those qualities does not a fun time in the hospital make, BUT they do make for a stronger patient. We impatient people do not want to be there any longer than we have to be. I love knowing he's tough and stubborn during a time like this. I pray that helps keep some fight in those bones.

After what was to be a quick and routine surgery followed by a next day discharge from the hospital, has turned into a week long stay in intensive care thanks to few different complications during and after surgery. After being sedated for awhile due to the invasiveness of the surgery, he is now alert and coming off of the ventilator. Praise the Lord!

He'll have a long and very painful road ahead of him, as will my grandma who has been by his side all day, every day since last Thursday. He'll most likely relocate to a live-in rehabilitation center while he heals and can get on his feet again. I pray this journey doesn't prove to be too much for either of them. If you don't mind joining us in prayer, we and they would be very grateful for you.

And in the spirit of silver linings, this hospital stay brought about the first time I've ever seen my grandparents kiss. Ever. It almost caught me off guard, but I loved seeing it. They've been married well over 60 years, so their marriage always looked so routine to me as most marriages do after 6 decades. Not routine in a bad way, just routine in a very well oiled machine way. But for that one moment, I got a glimpse into the softer side of their marriage and it was a sweet moment to share as I sat next to my husband of only 2 years. Sweet indeed.

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