Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So, yeah, another weekend has come and gone. Way too fast. Like lightning speed fast. Why can't Mondays fly as quickly as Saturdays do? Is that too much ask?

Within the whirlwind of the last 72 hours, we (or at least one of the collective "we") enjoyed a hockey game, 4 hours of volunteering training, biking for 5 hours, running for 2.5 hours, house cleaning, dinner with good friends, a bridal expo an hour and half away, and dinner with family.

And although it ended as quickly as it came, this weekend brought along a few delights worth sharing. Therefore, I bring you a compilation of random happenings of our weekend.

Thanks to the invitation from our financial advisor (ahem, I always feel so fancy when I reference our financial advisor), we enjoyed a night in the club suite along with a few other clients at the Ice Hogs hockey game. I'll admit that I enjoyed the various hockey-esque menu items more so than the actual game, but that's the life and times of a pregnant woman I guess. They even had a few O'Doul's Amber stocked for this non-drinking momma which was a sweet gesture that did not go unnoticed. I took a few sips and pretended to blend in with the crowd.

Thanks to a hail storm unlike anything I've seen before, our cars and roof escaped damage (from what we can tell). Some of our friends weren't so lucky unfortunately.

Also thanks to some crummy weather, I was able to hunker down and knock out some much needed spring cleaning. I'm not sure scrubbing the baseboards was such a good idea, as I'm still sore days later, but they look dang good so I shall suck it up. Feel free to publicly compliment the next time you come over.

At dinner with good friends on Saturday night, I was given a goodie bag of the items my friend loved during her pregnancies. It was so very thoughtful and I'm confident I'll put everything to good use. I know the Hubs is stoked to utilize the coconut foot rub on my tired pups;) Aside from the gifts, the meal was good, the chatting was great and the bartender made me a delicious mango, raspberry faux-rita. It's the little things. Sometimes you just want an umbrella sorta drink.

The Hubs knocked out one of his longest days of Ironman prep to date. After riding his bike for 5 hours. FIVE. He shared with me that he felt like he "could run a marathon after that bike ride and be fine." Rock on with your bad self, Super Hubs, because I couldn't even run a 5K without walking 50% of it and I haven't ridden my bike for 5 hours over the last 2 years combined. He's either nuts or a super hero. Super Hubs, it is!

Sunday brought about a bridal expo in Rock Falls, IL at a sweet, new barn venue. It was very charming. And although our booth was right next to the port-o-potty display, the day turned out well. Thankfully the port-o-john was just for show, although don't tell that to the girl who actually used it in the middle of the packed expo. Hello, awkward. I hope the man who comes to retrieve it figures out someone used it before he hauls it out. I had a small panic attached when I walked into the venue and thought it'd have to use that thing every hour while brides chatted about their nuptial bliss approximately half a foot away all day. #pregnantnightmares

And lastly, as we drew the weekend to a close, we grabbed a laid back dinner with my brother and dad since my mom's been out of town all week. During dinner this conversation happened:
Me: "So have you been talking to mom on the phone a lot or texting everyday while she's gone?"
Dad: "Yeah, sexting."
I pray he was kidding, but it was priceless. I could've bet you a million dollars I'd never hear him  utilize the word sexting personally. Thankfully I'm not a betting woman.

So, yeah, that's our weekend in a nutshell. I hope yours was full of fun outings, catching up with friends, delicious drinks (albeit faux-cocktails), less hail than we saw, and some sexting (if that's how you roll. Just typing that out sort of gives me the willies so I slightly hope you had all of the above but the sexting).

Here's to another week and another dollar. And if you're in Illinois with us, another dang snowflake.

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