Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday High Fives

It's that time again. Friday timeeeeeeeeeee! This week I'm thanking the Lord for:
  • Dandy Donuts' minis- I had my first taste of these local treasures yesterday thanks to a co-worker bringing them in as unexpected treat. Oh my word. Delicious. I limited myself as I'm trying to not give in to every craving I have, but I could've killed the whole tray. They were WAY tastier than my green smoothie.

  • Warm weather and sun. Hallelujah! I've been rocking my sunroof and office windows like they're my job. Spring, I love you, please never leave us.
  • Parenthood. If you're not watching this show you're just wrong. Last night was SO good. Joel and Julia, I'm rooting for you! Ray Romano, I'm not sure if I'm on your team or not, but you did win some points last night. Well played.

  • A rapidly growing bump. I feel like I went to bed one night and then poof, I had a belly. I'm definitely embracing it, although I did take a size 2 dress into the dressing room while shopping this week. That particular designer usually runs big so I thought "oh, I bet I can actually wear her dresses now!" Um, no ma'am. Close but no cigar. The best part was the split second I thought "well, maybe if I suck in my belly..." Um, no, no, no ma'am. This is gut you cannot suck in and I'm okay with that.
Please excuse my pale, tired face. It had been a long day of working and then sitting in the hospital. Not my best photo, but Ziggy looks good so I'll take one for the team.

  • More consistent baby moves. From the minute I saw the two lines on at home test, something motherly clicked in me. I felt different right away, plus the nausea and exhaustion also were indicators that my body and life were no longer just my own. However, nothing prepared me for the sensation of a life moving inside of me. I feel 120% more bonded with this child. I went from expectant mother to a MOM in one kick. I would do anything for this life inside of me.
  • My grandpa being released from the hospital this week. Granted, they moved him into a nursing home for the next 10 or so days while he heals, but it's a step in the right direction!
  • "Jaunts" as a family of three. Piggy knows the word "walk" and has a minor heart attack whenever he hears it, so the Hubs and I have to ask each other "want to jaunt tonight" to afford us ample time to gather his harness and leash before he loses his mind. It's been so nice to jaunt amongst the sun and fresh air. And our Pig has been in hog heaven, no pun intended. It's given us some sweet time with our fur child before it becomes a jaunt of 4 and a stroller this fall.
  • Wedding season. We've had a steady stream of new brides with rental orders coming in over the last few weeks.
  • Adding a new couple to our small group this week. It's always fun to change up the dynamic a bit. Hopefully we didn't scare them off too much.

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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hmgarver421 said...

You look adorable with that bump!!