Tuesday, April 15, 2014

That Kind of Day

I've been trying to figure out why I looked so blah today, aside from my lack of sleep last night. On what feels like my 15th trip to the restroom (thanks, Ziggy;), I finally noticed that I had forgotten my eye make-up. How does that happen? How did I manage 75% of my face and get distracted enough to skip the most important part? It's just that kind of day apparently.

Thanks to a blood red, full moon last night, both my children were WIDE awake all night. I had one creating fireworks in my belly and the other one, of the fur nature, wanted to hang out all night. He wanted a drink of water about every hour and when he wasn't standing on me to awake and grab him his beverage, he was sitting 2 inches from my face staring at me. And then, after about 6 different water breaks, he needed to go potty. Of course, he did. I'm pretty sure these two babes of mine conspired for the very first time to pull one over on mom. Thankfully they're both the cutest living beings, so I forgive them. I do, however, blame them for my naked eyes today. If you see me today, just look at my rosy cheeks. I somehow managed to remember those, thankfully.

On top of no sleep, I awoke to this ridiculous sight that had carried over from Monday.

Yep, friends in the south, that'd be snow in mid-April. I'm not sure why I'm upset by it, after all, it is Easter week and we had a snow covered yard last Easter too. I'm sensing a very lame pattern here. I can remember days of yore when I'd shop for a cute new Easter outfit in SC among the new spring lines. Not. Any. More. I am rocking some fleece lined tights and my puffer coat today. Yet again, Mother Nature has won. She's a relentless, wicked woman who has gotten the last laugh after a week of 65+ degree days and 79 degree day on Saturday.

The Hubs assured me it would not snow. I assured him that every news station I saw/read called for snow. He held steadfast to the "no snow" mentality. Then the Hubs assured me it would "not stick" once it did begin to fall. The photo above was taken about 20 hours after the snowfall. The Hubs is a liar. I shall never take weather advice from him again. He's handsome ladies, but if he tells you it's not going to rain, go ahead and grab that umbrella.

The silver lining to today being that kind of day: we're off on Friday making Thursday my Friday, thus making Wednesday my Thursday, thus making today hump day. That's gotta count for something, right?

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