Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Most Precious Face


Yesterday, at approximately 2:30pm, my heart changed forever. I'm officially wrecked for the better. We have been given the gift of seeing our son's face for the first time and it was and is by far the most amazing sight. He is precious, even when unseen, but to see his cheeks, his ear, and his pouty little lip is surreal.

Along with his face came the introduction of his feet, fingers, legs, arms, and heart. To say that medical technology is amazing is possibly one of the largest understatements I've ever muttered. I have NO clue how they can move things around enough to view the ventricles of his heart, the curvature of his spine, etc... It's mind blowing and I've never been more thankful for technology before in my 35 years.

We were also given the reassurance that he is 100% boy. For his sake, I shall leave that image off of the Internet, but there's no mistaking that this child will prefer a basketball over pom poms. Although if this momma has any say in the matter, I would love a strong, male cheerleader in the family. Just sayin.

Thanks to an already rambunctious boy, we'll have to go back in a few weeks so they can get the measurements of his head. He was doing a headstand the entire time we were in there which made it nearly impossible to obtain true head measurements and stronger facial images. The Hubs told the technician that we had "asked him to behave before we got there", but clearly he had his own agenda. Even with his head tucked extremely low, he was moving around like a maniac. At one point he jabbed me with an elbow and I 110% felt that bony little elbow. It was crazy to see him using my insides as his personal kick stand! I can't say I blame him though. If my head were lodged that deep, I'd be kicking like crazy too. I wanted to go in there and shift him around myself. The Hubs assures me that he's fine, but he just looked so uncomfortable. And thus begins my life of a worrying mother, I suppose. 

And because I am a proud momma already, I'd like to introduce you to "Ziggy" (still no official name yet although we did get two new suggestions from our sweet niece this week: Cookie or Muffin. If she had only said Donut, I would've been all over that!).

Here is our bouncing, baby boy with his legs over his head and his toes almost touching his forehead. He's a flexible little man! If you need a little help clarifying parts, as my mom did, his head is in the right, lower corner with his body almost upright along the left side of the image. His toes are inches from his forehead.
And here are his tiny feet. Keep on kicking, little one. You kick as hard you'd like, with the exception of during my work meetings. I go all mushy and can't focus on a thing.
And here's our little nugget's face. That pouty, upper lip gets me every time. Every time.
I cannot wait to see those cheeks in person.
I may or may not have looked at our photos 1,000 times already.
I. Can't. Stop.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed along the way for Ziggy. He is already blessed by friends and family who love him and have prayed for him before they ever met him. I know the Lord knows him, formed him and has big plans for him. I, for one, cannot wait to watch them unfold.

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