Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday High Fives

Without further ado, I bring you Friday High Fives:
  • Finally seeing Divergent on a little date night with a new friend. If you haven't read the book, what are you waiting for?
  • Making a new friend last fall in a girl I ran cross country with in high school but had never hung out with back then. It's kind of eerie how many things we have in common. Both of our families are looking for houses, and I kid you not, we've looked at ALL the same homes. I'll text her "hey, have you seen the house on National Ave?" She'll respond "Are you serious? I hopped in the car to check it out this morning." We're like real estate soul mates. I made her promise she wasn't the other buyer in our bidding war on the river house;) Our only real difference is that she is the mom to 5 precious children. Five. I don't know how she does it!
  • Trying a new chicken salad recipe from Pinterest. I was goooodddd. I'm tempted to make it again this week. And again. And again.  
  • Finding a cool vintage, Radio Flyer tricycle for little man at an attic treasures sale. It got so many ohhhs and ahhhs as I carried it out to the car. I think he'll love it. The Hubs already wants to ride it.

  • Feeling consistent movement every day this week. LOVE it! It has rapidly increased my ability to bond with this guy. I will tell you though, it seriously hinders my ability to concentrate. I have no clue what the message was about at church, nor do I know what was said in 50% of the meetings I attended this week. Oops.
  • H2O. I'm thirsty all day every day.
  • My first pair of maternity jeans. They are way more comfortable than trying to maximize my time in my regular jeans. I bite the bullet at 20 weeks when I was starting to feel as though I was crushing Small Frei into a tater tot.
  • Speaking of 20 weeks, I'm half way to meeting the newest love of my life face to face!! There were moments when things weren't looking so good in the first trimester and one night in month two where I thought we'd lost him and I cried myself to sleep over the baby I thought I'd never meet, so the joy of being half way there is an incredible feeling. I thank God every single day for this gift. I pray he keeps going strong for the next 20!

  • A night full of laughs at our married couples small group. This week's discussion was on fighting fair which brought about many belly laughs as we realized we all fight similarly. At least we know who to go to now for accountability.
  • Catching up with two of my favorite people. One in SC and the other in CA. There was a time we were in the same house as friends and roommates. Those were great days.
  • Chips and salsa.
  • My Hubs who is currently out picking up Piggy food and new chewies so that we don't have to go this weekend. He's a keeper.

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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