Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I don't do waiting very well. I'm guessing most of us don't. I also struggle with the unknown and change, to some extent, so right now is not my sweet spot. Yesterday we got word that another couple had made an offer on the house that we really, really like (I love it!). That gave us two immediate options: 1) cry, wail, and say the old "there will be more houses", or 2) we could make an offer too. Like stat.

What do you think we did? If you think I laid down and started crying, you chose the wrong option. We kicked this puppy into HIGH gear. There were texts and calls to our agent, there were numerous calls on the Hub's part to a broker to see if we could get pre-approved asap, and there was what I felt like could be warning signs of contractions due to my increasing heart rate. I kid on the contractions, but I'm fairly certain that much excitement and hustle could be felt by our little man. The hardest part is not knowing what the other family offered and if we're even the ballpark or sitting out in the ballpark parking lot unaware that we're not truly part of the game.

Within a span of a few hours, we were pre-approved and our offer had been sent. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And now, we wait. I knew we wouldn't hear anything last night so I remained calm. Today, not so much really. Let's just say my phone is practically glued to my side right now. Will there be other houses if we don't get it? Of course (at least that's what people keep telling me). Will we survive if the other family gets to live in our that house? Most definitely. Will I be sad if it isn't part of the plan for us? Sure. How sad, you ask? I'm not sure yet. Maybe call me in a few hours and you might find out first hand. We shall see. Only the Lord knows if we'll raise a family in the "river house". Until the path is revealed, we're waiting, trusting, and taking some major deep breaths.

In the meantime, I'm trying my best do "waiting" a little better. I'm trying to have it appear to be calm and collected, with a touch of grace. I doubt I'm fooling anyone, but I'm trying, dang it.

And until we meet our fate, I leave you with a couple photos of what's got me all in a tizzy. *Keep in mind, the d├ęcor and paint choices will change. Those belong to the previous family.

 Obviously this chandy will be replaced and updated, but I love how open and airy it feels as you walk into the home.
 Nice Freiberg Law Offices home office (2nd location).

Hello natural light! Do pull up some couch space and stay for awhile.
The screened-in porch/bar. I'd foresee many gatherings out here after it's given a little sprucing up. This is one of two bars in the home. The minute we saw the 2nd one, I told the Hubs "you do realize that we'll never be able to leave our teenagers home alone on a weekend, right?!" Two bars and deep water access do not a smart parental decision make when one has teenagers.

I just die with all of the natural light in this place.
This is the view from the river. Hence the nickname "river house".
If you're going to take away my ocean, at least give me a river, please.

 The private dock to hours of sun and water fun.
Was the Hub's new kayak at Christmas foreshadowing?
We shall see.

And if it doesn't work out and this isn't meant to be our river house, I may just be ruined for any future, landlocked house as our search continues. Although, I can probably be persuaded with a pool.
There's just something about walking into a home that makes you feel like you're on vacation that seems a bit priceless.
Praying and waiting. And then praying for peace whatever is decided.
At this point, it's out of our hands and in His.


Mama Dee said...

OMG!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! I DO expect a phone call if you get it!!

hmgarver421 said...

Amazing!!!!!! I'm dying to know if you got it?! Text me!

Brittany F. said...

We're still waiting, Hill, but I'll text you as soon as we know something. I'm not holding my breath anymore since 5 days have gone by and the listing agent is not cooperating. We made an offer, they countered a day later, we made a 2nd offer and then radio silence:( It's been beyond frustrating.