Monday, March 17, 2014

It's a BOY!

We've got a serious case of the blues in our household. Blue hoodies with animal ears, sailboat outfits, and blue onsies that is. Our Small Frei can officially be referred to as he or him or Sir or Mr. Hansdome Pants.

Thanks to having a baby later in life, my age qualifies for me genetic testing and we obliged. We knew the results would not change how we felt about our little bean and/or our plans, but we knew that if by the grace of God were given a baby with a Trisomy disorder, that we'd want to be prepared by joining a support group in advance and learning as much as we could to help us prepare for such a special blessing. Along with the testing came the option to find out the gender a few weeks before we'd have our milestone ultrasound. We thought "why not?" So we went for it.

We know that finding out the gender is not everyone's cup of tea, but for us it made sense. We like to plan and prepare, and a very wise friend had shared with us that finding out allows you to pray more specifically throughout the pregnancy. Once we know his name, we'll be able to pray for him by name, which I love. In the meantime, I've already started praying that he'll be strong yet soft in the right places. That he'll be a fighter, which he's already proven through a rocky first trimester, but that he'll use those skills to defend his family and the things he knows to be right and just. I pray that he's fun, silly, and adds so much joy to our family and his future friends and classmates' lives. I pray that he loves the Lord at a young age, and although it may ebb and flow at times, that he never loses that love. And I pray that he's healthy. Lord, I pray he's healthy!

And what else can a doting mother do aside from prepare and pray, you ask? Shop! And so I did. I hadn't bought a single thing for our little bean just yet, as to not jump the gun, so when we saw "male" in writing, I threw caution to the wind. Here is what I'm already learning about little boy clothes:
  • They're so tiny. When I pulled out a newborn onsie to show Tim, his response was "he's going to be that small?!" My response was "probably not for long, but for my sake, I pray that he is that small." At least for the delivery! Can I get an Amen?
  • Baby bow ties and fedoras melt my heart.
  • Seersucker also melts said heart.
  • Girls have way more options. Designers, let's step it up, shall we?
  • 60% of boy clothes have tractors and dump trucks on them. Why? Are there way more farmers and excavators having babies than I'm aware of?
  • 80% of the graphic onsies say "strong like daddy", "my dad is cooler than your dad", "handsome like daddy", etc... I, of course, bought the "my dad is a super hero" one for Tim to take a picture with after he finishes his 3rd Ironman (Hello, super hero!!). It was a no brainer as he certainly is OUR super hero. But I would've loved one that gave his momma a shout out too. Where's the "momma's little handsome pants" or "my momma's a germ-a-phobe, but I still love her" gear?
  • Did I mention they're so tiny. I could've bought way more than I did. Here are two that I couldn't resist:
I love this one. Love. This one just says "well hello, ladies. I've got the world's smallest pocket, my pop of yellow, and I'm ready to rock this pack'n'play. Care to join me?"

One day he'll love to ride bikes with his Iron daddy. Until then, he shall wear bikes on his faux tie. 

And we cannot forget the beloved nursery. Little bean's theme will be a navy blue, nautical retreat. I had randomly collected a few nautical touches here and there on my vintage hunts over the last year "just in case" it was a boy, so we've at least got a few touches to add to the vision board. Here are a few of my inspirational photos from our friends at Pinterest, although I definitely want it to be our own and not a replica. Think maps, propellers, anchors, whales, etc...

Love the bedding in gray and navy.

I just love the brightness of this one. Wouldn't you want to play in there too?

I'm pretty sure I need this whale mobile from Etsy. Yep, almost 99.9% sure. It's perfection.

Now, for the hardest part.....the name. If it was a girl, we were 100% set. On the boy names, we just can't seem to agree. The Hubs suggested Beauregard on our way to dinner Saturday night. I'm going to pretend he was kidding. No offense to any Beauregards out there reading this blog. It truly is a lovely name.

Cheers to having the best case of the blues you can have!

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