Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Smell a Rat

For the last four days, there have been two giant, inflatable rats greeting the enterance to my job. Cool. Not. I've only had to pass pickters twice in my life, and in both instances I can't help but think "don't you have anything better to do?" *Side note, these are union workers and not employees of the business they are picketing.

I get it if you want to picket on major matters, but when you're out there over menial matters and sitting in your heated car for four days next to two three story rats, I'm guessing you could probably accomplish more if you were actually at work like the rest of us. Newsflash, no one really cares. I'm a bleeding heart, so you know if I don't care, it's probably a lost cause. Zero news crews have shown up. No one else has joined in your crusade. It's just you two lone wolves taking on the world. Who's really winning in this instance?

My favorite part about the ginormous rats is when I asked the Hubs "have you seen the giant rats on campus?" and he replied "yeah actually. Is there a book fair or something?" Priceless. I'm not sure how rats or mice equate to book fair marketing, but I loved the fact that he saw them and had no clue how they tied in or what they stood for. Again, lone wolves, who's really winning here? I'm guessing it'd be our bookstore if anyone else has the same thought process as the Hubs.

Carry on if you must, but I'm guessing your wives have some tasks that you could do at home if you'd like to find something a bit more productive to do.

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