Monday, March 10, 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days

Does anyone else ever feel like they're drowning in a sea of clutter? Well, that's about to change at the Freiberg plantation. Hopefully.

Thanks to one of the blogs that I read, I saw a little story of a family who spends their Lenten season "decluttering" and I was inspired. Over the 40 days of lent, their goal is to purge at least 40 bags of items to donate or trash. Surprisingly, she shares that she often ends up donating or purging way more than 40 bags without much attachment. I'm hoping I'll be as successful (although I might take a garbage bag and box method)! And though I'm no longer a practicing Catholic, I think it'll be nice way as Christians to participate in the Lenten season in our own way.

If anyone wants to join me, I've included a link Here for her helful hints on how to make the next 40 days successful, and hopefully, somewhat easy.

If you'd like to map out your plan of attack, like I plan to do, you can find a free printable here. Because let's be real, pink and gray chevron patterned to-do lists are just more fun and festive, right?

I plan to post a few updates on our progress over the next 40 days, so please help keep me accountable! Let the purging begin!

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