Thursday, February 20, 2014


It has been a great few weeks of mail delivery in our little abode. Isn't it glorious when you get something other than a bill in the mail? It just takes your day to a new level.

Thanks to some people who really must love us, we've been blessed with a few sercies lately (if you aren't familiar with a "sercy", you can also call them "prizes" like one of my BFF's, Tracy, calls them;). And for those asking "what the heck is a sercy?" It's any sort of unexpected gift that makes you smile. You know, those "I saw this and knew you had to have it" out of the blue gifts. Aren't those the best?

From a fantastic "kiss me" bib for Small Frei to winter boots for our little Piggy, Aunt Tracy has made our day twice via the postal system. The bib was our first baby gift and we love it! And to see a package addressed to our pup turned this very rainy, icy day into a much brighter one. I mean, how cute are these gifts?

Cue the "mama stickers" from The Patricks. Although I'm not quite ready to go public with my "bump" pictures, we've already had fun with them! Once I look less beer-belly and more mom-to-be, we'll share some pictures. Until then, here is what the stickers look like in action on a random momma. Thanks, random momma, for sharing your belly with us.

And then one day "Ziggy" (nickname, not real name, so don't panic), otherwise known as "Small Frei", got his/her first Valentine's Day card in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Frei! There was a sercy inside and although Ziggy campaigned hard to put said sercy to use immediately, his/her dad said we had to wait. Man, being a parent is tough stuff making wise decisions before the bean is even here.

So, thank you, sercy senders, for brightening our chilly days over here. You've made us smile with your thoughtfulness and you've kept our paws toasty, our future onesies clean during meal time and our bumps numbered.

Who can you send a sercy to today?

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