Monday, February 24, 2014

Friday High Fives

Shhhhhhh...I'm cheating a little on this one seeing as how it's Monday. Who cares? We can make our own rules on Mondays., right? Right.

This past week/weekend, I salute the follow mood improvers:
  • A little high school-esque date night of burgers and fries and heading to the movies. I was so excited that the minute the Hubs got home from work I told him not to sit down because we were leaving in 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure it was the promise of a milk shake and burger that lit my fire. I'm rarely that motivated these days.
  • Consuming quite possibly the best burger, fries and milkshake I've ever eaten at none other than Steak 'N Shake on said date night. I blame pregnancy. I was beyond in love with my meal and if that's wrong, I don't want to be right. The sad part about that meal was that is was 10 times better than the two nice meals we had at Pearl and Merrill & Houston's last weekend and was about 1/8 of the price of each. Step it up, Merrill & Houston's and Pearl!
  • Some pretty amazing Olympic women figure skaters. Those ladies were impressive and made up for the struggles that the men faced last week.
  • My amazing Hubs for being so supportive during this pregnancy journey.
  • Piggy's new, fabulous hair cut. He's so fresh and so clean, clean.
  • One of Tim's good friends being able to bring their new baby home from the NICU.
  • Learning a little bit of history via the Monuments Men during our movie date.
  • Breakfast with my family for my mom's Bday yesterday.
  • Seeing our little bean move around like a maniac on an ultrasound. He/she moved non-stop and even took a few gulps of fluid as we watched. This baby and process has constantly kept me on my toes and thrown a few scares in the mix, but every single time it makes us worry, they take a look inside and it's still growing and moving like a champ. If this is any indication of the future with this kiddo, he/she is going to give us a run for our money! No doubt.
  • Knowing that in a few days we'll get to embark on the Freiberg siblings' weekend. I've never gotten to tag along on this outing before, and I'm excited to have some family, fun time with our nephews, niece and my sis-inlaws! Next year there'll be one more cousin to add to the fun.
I hope y'all had a great weekend!

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